DIY Neutral Baby Boy Nursery

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Most of the items in this room were homemade and furniture was used from around the house or purchased used and repurposed.

Design Inspiration

I wanted something neutral that could be changed out easily when he gets older, yet wanted to have some boyish colors represented.

Project Details

DIY Pom Pom Mobile Inspiration - DIY Paper Mache Elephant Inspiration - DIY Scooter Rocker (made by my mother) - DIY Art (art designed by me and frame created and built by me) -


We (okay probably more me - my husband just supports what I want!) wanted to have a nice nursery but things are so expensive. I came up with a design concept early in the pregnancy and bought big items each month to spread the cost out. I also was very flexible with what we purchased. For example, I wanted a bright white crib but I had originally planned for a more ornate crib. However, when I found this one on Craigslist, unopened/never used for $60, the savings were worth it. There were some ideas I wasn't willing to find an alternate so I figured out a way to make what I had in my mind on my own. This was especially true for the large elephant head, I just had to have. I couldn't find anything like it so I found inspiration from a blog I found on Pinterest to paper mache one on my own! Also, I really wanted to have an open room with plenty of space on the floor for the little one to play. I also wanted to reduce clutter but babies have a lot of "essential" items that need to be stored somewhere so using the closet helped to achieve that look but keep everything organized.


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    Love the earth-toned fabric pompoms! It’s a fresh new take on pompoms as room decor and definitely better than the bright-colored ones made of tissue paper.

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    My faves has got to be that DIY graphic artwork in a frame, the shabby chic owl light switch, and the fabric pompoms.

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