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DIY Felt Drawer Pulls


The Challenge..? Most standard metal or wood dresser knobs feel a bit dangerous for babies who are exploring, cruising and learning to walk. Our daughter kept putting her mouth over the semi-sharp metal knobs and since she is so wobbly on her feet we imagined her falling and chipping her little teeth. Since we knew we had to get rid of the metal knobs we soon came up with a surprisingly beautiful alternative.

Design Inspiration

I absolutely love those simple modern leather drawer pulls that I am seeing everywhere now .. however my vegan husband was totally against me purchasing leather fabric to replace our nursery knobs ... the solution: thick felt from any local art and craft supply store.

Decorating Style

We love when we discover the perfect marriage of simple but elegant.

Project Details

This project is so easy.  We took thick felt fabric that matched our nursery colors and cut them into (x6)  1.5 inch wide, 3 inch long pieces.  We then folded the felt over to a more square-like shape and pierced a hole through the center,  The trick is piercing a small enough hole that you can twist the screws through .. if the hole is to big the fabric will not hold when you grab your pull.  Once you thread the screws through the fabric ( we used 1.5 inch round head machine screws) simply install like you would any other drawer pull and voila ...beautiful felt pulls that are totally animal friendly.    ( For those of you you noticed the leather Freshly Picked Moccasins our dresser, those were a gift and I am over the moon that they were because they are too cute to not own a pair ... my hubby still gives me a look when I put them on our daughters little feet, got to love him though )

Favorite Items

Our Orla the Owl Grow Egg Room Thermometer.  We live in an old building that can get drafty, it is nice to know what the temperature is in our daughters room and it makes a  cute night light as well.


These felt drawer pulls are clearly not as long lasting as the leather ones or even the standard metal knobs, but they are so cheap and easy to replace that they are worth the switch.  Our little babe chews on them and plays with them and they are totally safe.  Also because they are felt they are easy to reshape after they have been mangled by little hands and teeth.