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DIY Bunny Easter Bags


DIY Bunny Easter Bags

It is so fun to celebrate springtime with crafting and DIY. This easy DIY Bunny Easter Bag is both adorable and easy. With a few dollar store supplies, I whipped this up in the amount of time it took to heat up my glue gun!

Fill these DIY Bunny Easter Bags with any number of dollar store or handmade treats. And these bunny Easter basket accessories - ears and tail - can be repurposed when the holiday ends. Add the ears to hair clips and the fluffy tail to a hair tie and you have a great new hair accessory set.

This little bunny set makes great dress up costumes for pretend playtime.

Here's what you need to make your DIY Bunny Easter Bags

  • Dollar store gift bags in pink, white, gray
  • Scrap felt in pink, white and gray
  • Gray yarn to make a pom pom
  • Jumbo cotton balls
  • Fine tip Sharpie
  • Hot glue

Here's how you make your DIY Bunny Easter Bags

Start by cutting out your ears. Layer an inner ear with an outer ear for the cutest result. Try short ears like you see on the pink bag and long floppy bunny ears like you'll see on the white bag.

Now make your yarn pom pom tails if needed. Try this pom pom visual tutorial.

Next, draw your sweet bunny faces on the Easter bags.

Glue your fluffy tails and floppy ears to your bag and you're done!