Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club

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We were pretty much in love with the dog "gentlemen" prints the moment we saw them. They inspired the whole nursery! We wanted something colorful, modern, and true to our style. We're hoping our baby loves dogs as much as we do.

Design Inspiration

The prints from Coco de Paris on Etsy. The artist is amazing.

Decorating Style

Modern, graphic, colorful, eclectic.

Project Details

Crib- Walmart (One of the few gray cribs out there!) Houndstooth quilt- DIY. Pillows (Don't worry, they'll be taken off when baby actually sleeps in there )- Urban Outfitters and Ikea. Bookshelf and wall shelves- Target. Rocker- Ikea (we bought a rocker mechanism and my husband attached it to a stationary chair.) Changing Table- Antiques Fair. Wall Art- Etsy. Circle Carpet- Ikea.

Favorite Items

Hands down- the prints. I also love the changing table, which we found at an antiques fair and bought long before we were expecting.


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