Disney Planes 4th Birthday

  • Disney Planes Dessert Table1/16
  • 2/16
  • Disney Planes Birthday Cake3/16
  • 4/16
  • 5/16
  • Disney Planes Favors6/16
  • 7/16
  • Airplane Sugar Cookies8/16
  • Chocolate Planes9/16
  • 10/16
  • Propeller Marshmallow Pops11/16
  • 12/16
  • 13/16
  • Cardboard Box Airplane14/16
  • 15/16
  • Plane Whiches16/16


My son loves all means of transportation...for his 4th birthday we chose to do a Disney Planes inspired party!

Project Details

Dessert Table by Jennyb sweet...she is the most creative baker I've ever met:) Her work is almost too good to eat

The design theme/invitations was done by a friend Sara Jamil who has designed most of Nathan's parties! Her work is unique and fun!

The planes and food were inspirations from pinterest with our own twist to it

Favorite Items

The entire party was a labour of love..from the design theme by Sara...the baking by Jenny....The cardboard plane and the plane sandwiches were my favorite...as well as the paper planes used to decorate...oh and the suitcases were lovely too...really loved how the entire party came together:)



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