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Diana Claire’s Oz Nursery


I created this Oz nursery after one of my favorite movies, The Wizard of Oz. I used hints of the movie to create a cute theme for my newborn, but not super flashy. I DIY'd a few of the items to get the look I was going for. I tried to represent the movie in subtle ways: The shape on the lampshade is the Cowardly Lion's metal, there is a heart clock above the door that looks like the TinMan's, the pillows in the crib represent the witches, the mirrors represents "O" and the window that the Doorman talks through, the bumper has a rainbow dot pattern. I chose gray for her crib and dresser because of the vintage sepia in the beginning of the movie, I chose the blue wall color because of the "Over the Rainbow" song, the dots on the curtains represent Glinda's bubbles, the emerald bow and hints of green represent the Emerald city (she was even born in May and has a Emerald birthstone!). Even if someone comes in the room and doesn't get it at first, once I start explaining the picture comes together.

Design Inspiration

One of my favorite movies "The Wizard of Oz"

Project Details

Crib & Dresser: Basset Baby Ava Collection from BuyBuyBaby
"Diana" Canvas: First DIY project
Wreath: DIY from a friend
Lion Lamp: Etsy & DIY lampshade
Wizard of Oz Quote Plaques: Hallmark
Snowglobe: Hallmark
Rocking Chair Fabric: JoAnns
Rocker: Hand me down
Vintage Window Bow Holder: DIY
Red Toy Baskets: Marshall's
Red Side Table: Marshall's
Curtains: Target
Picture Frames above Crib: Hobby Lobby
Bumper: DIY
Bookshelves: Lowes
Oz Figurines: Hallmark
Paint Color: "Blue sky" from Glidden
Mirrors: Hobby Lobby
Dorothy in the Poppies: Etsy
Rug: Lowes
Vintage Oz Illustrations: eBay


Favorite Items

The bow holder, lion lamp, and the pictures over her crib that are from a vintage copy of Oz.


Even though themes after a specific movie can get "kitchy," stick to your guns when someone tries to buy you a commercial representation of the movie. Some is good, but all can be overwhelming.


Saturday 21st of March 2015

I'm totally in love with that lamp!!!


Saturday 7th of March 2015

That crib is gorgeous! Love the subtle hints of the theme, too!