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Declan’s Room


We painted our extra room/office blue before we knew we were expecting. When we found out we were going to have a baby, we decided not to find out the sex. We also knew we'd have to turn the office into a nursery and figured we'd leave the room blue and decorate with black and white to make it neutral. Our baby boy was born in April and the room suits him perfectly.

Design Inspiration

We were inspired by many of the beautiful modern nurseries on project nursery and Etsy also had some inspiring art that helped shape the nursery.

Decorating Style

The rest of our house reflects the fact that we are a young, modern couple, so we wanted the nursery to do the same. We like clean lines and simple shapes. We weren't big fans of pastels and baby-ish stuff.

Project Details

 The paint is Behr Azurean (530B-5). We used our old ikea dresser and the pull-out-bed CB2 couch from our room and office. I purchased the alphabet poster from and painted the animal heads after being inspired by some Etsy art. The books rest on Ikea picture rails. I made the window valances, bed linens and mirror frame. I also made the mobile with embroidery rings and fishing line.

Favorite Items

The mobile. It has great motion and was fun to make. I like that it's completely original. I also had fun making the "This is Me" frame for the mirror.


Tuesday 12th of October 2010

I love the nursery! It looks amazing!! How to did you paint those animal mugshots?? Did you freehand or use a stencil? They look perfect!! I wish i was that artistic.


Friday 11th of June 2010

I love a few of your ideas for the nursery. I love the way you worked the T.V. wall with the rest of the theme of the nursery. The animal picstures above the closet mirrors ar nice. The mirror next to the babies crib is awesome. Great job guys!


Tuesday 8th of June 2010

Thanks for the comments :)

This was my first time posting anything, so I was suprised to see the positive feedback. While my husband worked a second job, preparing for beebs to come, I spent a lot of time at home keeping myself busy with the nursery. I handmade the following: painted the animal "mugshots" above the closet and mini-nature inspired paintings by the door, I made the window valances with no-sew tape, made the crib skirt (again no-sew tape), assembled and painted the mobile (made from embroidery rings, fishing line and beads), painted/decorated the mirror frame for the changing area, and assembled the counting bird picture above the tv (made from pages of a Dwell Studio counting book - and the tv is for Gamma Peggy who stays at our house a few nights a week, not for Declan).  


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

I like the mobile too.  In fact I like everything here! You should tell us where you got everything!!!


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

I love that row of animal paintings on top the mirror. Did you make that yourself?