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Declan’s Bold Nursery


I didn't want his room to be a room that screamed BABY since when we do have guests, they'll be sharing his space. We painted it green well before we knew the sex and agreed to work with it either way. When we found out we were having a boy, I wanted to add in a few owl elements but keeping mostly in the theme of the rest of our house using bold colors and patterns. 

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Space was a big issue for us. When we bought our house, we weren't planning on having kids so soon, and we don't get many guests due to where we live so we intentionally kept this room small. Having to share the space with a queen-sized bed and crib and dresser while still making it functional was definitely a challenge. We rearranged it several times before settling on this final layout. 

Decorating Style

Modern, clean and bold.

Project Details

paint colors: from Behr: Chocolate Coco and Sparkling Apple
crib & dresser: Walmart online
bedding (skirt) etsy
bedding sheet: babies R us
mirror: Ikea
wooden storage cubes: DIY (my husband made them)
interior cubes: JJ Cole Design purchased through Amazon
lamp: Target
closet curtains: Ikea
window curtains: Lowe's 
glider: Walmart in-store
quilt on bed: Ikea
pillows on bed: DIY (all fabric is from JoAnn) 
name sign: DIY
owl prints: etsy
lanterns: paperlanternstore dot com

Favorite Items

I really like the name sign because it's unique and different than the typical names/letters you see. Plus, my husband and I built it together which makes it all that more special to us. We plan to use it in his new bedrooms even as we move over the next few years.


Don't buy a bedding set; they are over-priced and it's much more fun to mix & match your own pieces. Plus, bedding sets often come with pieces that you never end up using as much as you think you will. 


Wednesday 18th of July 2012

Love your room and definitly appreciate the multipurpose baby room as mine is as well. Although to be honest your room caught my eye particularily because i am naming my son Deklen a different version of Declan :) And everyone told me im crazy to name my son that and i absolutely love it and nice to know someone else also loved the name :)

Tasha Cune

Thursday 17th of May 2012

What a coincidence! I first thought it was the poster herself who commented on her own post first. Took me a few moments to see you're a different person.

Anyway, nice modern room. I love how free of clutter it is, decor-wise.


Wednesday 16th of May 2012

Just wanted to say "hi" my name is Amy and i am having a son, i am naming him Declan! lol I just thought it was interesting and i am doing a whale themed room for him :) i like how you have made the room convertible!