Dean’s Nursery

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This is my second son's nursery so it was great to re-use all of the decor and combine it with new items.

Design Inspiration

Nautical meets Animals


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    Oh, Amy…it is adorable!! Of course, i didn’t have any doubts it wouldn’t be…you are so good at what you do. I love looking through your pictures. Miss you at ATCS!! ;-)

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    The sheep looks charming standing there. Is it a mural or a wall decal/wall sticker? I also like the idea of globes hanging by the window. And oh, where did you get those animal heads?

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    The paint color is originally Ralph Lauren Prussian Blue from Home Depot, but they no longer carry their line so I had them make it using Glidden. The guy at the paint counter informed me that Glidden makes Ralph Lauren’s paint :)

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