Daniel’s Vintage Airplane Nursery

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We were using this empty upstairs bedroom as a workout room and had done absolutely NOTHING with it since we bought our home 4 years ago. When we found out we were expecting our first child, we wanted to make it a very special space for our baby to grow into. My husband and I worked for 3 months measuring, sawing, painting, and planning and I think we did a great job for carpentry novices! The room is a very small 11x11 so we wanted to add a lot of storage space and make it bright and airy. The closet was fairly deep, but not very big overall. When we took the doors off to paint, we found that it really opened the room up, so we decided to leave the doors off and design a built in wardrobe in the space instead. Additionally, we added panel style wainscoting and a built in storage bench on a wall that wasn't very usable. When we found out we were having a little boy, we decided on a vintage airplane theme and classic colors. We absolutely adore this room and hope you do too!

Design Inspiration

We wanted something classic and not too babyish so that he could enjoy the room for years.  We found the vintage airplane mobile at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and drew our inspiration from there.  I love the classic colors and vintage feel of the room, but also love the crisp lines and modern style. 

Decorating Style

I am drawn to a mix of traditional, contemporary, and rustic/vintage styles.  I like clean lines, symmetry, bold accents, and rustic charm.  I also prefer to use natural materials like stone and hard wood in lieu of manmade materials. 

Project Details

This was truley a DIY project.  We didn't have really any experience with carpentry, so we had to learn how to do everything as we went.  My advice for a project like this is to take your time planning and pay attention to the details to make sure it comes out the way you want it to.  Buy the right tools the first time, and use the internet as a resource.  And DO NOT be in a rush to finish.  This project took us 3+ months to complete, but it was worth it!

We purchased the crib and dresser, as well as the bedding, airplane photos, and train toy box, from Pottery Barn Kids.  The glider and ottoman are from JC Penney.  Other accessories mostly came from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, and World Market. 

Favorite Items

One of my favorite items in the room is an original piece of art created by my nieces and nephew (11, 8, and 6) especially for baby Daniel.  It is a very special piece.  And I really adore the crib and dresser.  It took me a really long time to find one that I liked and I love that it doesn't look like all the others out there.  It's wood tone and rustic charm are perfect for this room. 


Try not to overdo it with a theme.  We went with just a few airplane pieces and I think it turned out better than if we had tried to add more. 


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    This room is one of the ultimate baby boy rooms I have seen! And it’s amazing that you and your hubby did the carpentry together — and as first-timers at that! The room, overall, looks simple, clean, and very direct.

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    This room is one of the ultimate baby boy rooms I have seen! And it’s amazing that you and your hubby did the carpentry together — and as first-timers at that! The room, overall, looks simple, clean, and very direct.

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    Very nice room you have here. It’s got a boyish charm to it, and it’s something that your son can definitely grow into. I particularly love the framed airplane pictures. And the artwork is indeed precious! And oh, you did a good job with the carpentry.

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    Thank you so much for the kind comments and well wishes!!  Baby Daniel will be here in just two weeks!

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    I love what you did to the closet! I am going to start working on the baby’s room this weekend and you have given me a lot of ideas. Beautiful nursery!!

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    This room is amazing and I am very impressed with your skills. We are expecting our 2nd child and I am taking inspiration from your room to create the new nursery. I love the closet the most. We have the same type of closet, it is deep, but not very functional. Thanks for the inspirations!

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    Having the hardest time finding simple but classic airplane photos like the ones you have on his wall. Where did you find such great prints?

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