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Dahlia’s Worldly Nursery


Dahlia's colorful nursery gives her a view of the world. The walls are covered in Cavallini Papers & Co. calendar art that I mounted and hung on the wall. A cozy green rocker sits in the corner next to ikea bookshelves filled with blankets, toys and trinkets. Red vases from my baby shower, covered in a chic fabric, sit on top of the shelves. A pink flowered mirror gives the illusion of a bigger room and the green walls make me feel happy every time I walk in. The white sleigh crib is fitted with Dwell bedding and a Thomas Paul rug of a mama bird feeding her baby bird rests on the floor.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was all the great places I have visited such as New York, Paris, London, Rome and all the ones I would love to go to one day see. The colorful Cavallini Paper calendars provide great art work and make it simple and inexpensive way to brighten up the walls. 

Decorating Style

Colorful and clean. We wanted her nursery to be warm and inviting.

Project Details

Our first step was to paint the walls a two tone green color to give it a colorful and warm feeling. Next we searched high and low for the perfect crib, which we finally found at a Bella Beach Kids in Manhattan Beach We liked its white, vintage look that also had a feminine touch. The next step was to decorate the walls with art work from the Cavallini Paper calendars ( This was a very easy and inexpensive process. We just cut out the art work and pasted it to foam board and then stuck it to the walls. I think the whole wall cost around $40 to do. Another fun project was to take an old book shelf, paint it white and then line the shelves with a lively wallpaper. This was also a very easy an inexpensive way to turn an old bookshelf into something that looked brand new. We splurged a bit with a pink mirror we picked up at HD Buttercup ( in Culver City but it looked so great against the green walls, we just couldn't resist. Also, the red vases on the shelves are covered in a chic red flowered cloth and were the centerpieces on the table at my baby shower.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the crib which I think looks great with the Dwell bedding. But I think it is probably my favorite because it provides a cozy place for my little girl to sleep in every night


Just start with things that catch your eye and don't try to make everything match. I have always loved the Cavallini calendars artwork so new I wanted to include it in the room. And I think it's ok to splurge on one or two items but there are so many easy and fun ways to decorate the room without spending a lot of money.


Tuesday 22nd of March 2011

I love the artwork that you created using such a simple concept such as a calendar.  I love the idea of creating a nursery/child's room that inspires them to dream big, explore the world and new cultures. Great idea!!!  You have certainly inspired me!!