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Daddy’s Little Caddy


Simple Toddler room work in progress.

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Frames from Ikea, Letters from Hobby Lobby, Fish Tank from Petco,


Sunday 20th of January 2013

Thank you!


Wednesday 16th of March 2011

I really LOVE the paint you used! What brand and colors did you use?


Tuesday 30th of November 2010

Hi JenniferGillie:  Thanks for the reply.  That's interesting, I've never thought of getting a three-in-one, but it seems that it makes sense if you want to bring your crib from your son's infancy to toddlerhood and hopefully when he's a kid :)


Monday 18th of October 2010

Martinique- The crib is a three-in-one and has been turned into a toddler bed by removing the rail. 

PrincessRaina- I am glad you caught that! We were worried about that too.The day we installed them we banged against the shelf, the wall, and jumped on the bed ourselves before he slept there.It past our test. My son will be 4 in April, he has yet to even stand on his bed. He is really respectful to the furniture, but you are right about being cautious!

Thelifeofpi; That is a fish tank. We printed up an image from the web to make the background. Very easy to change! Our fish's name is Nike Swoosh, but we call him Swoosh for short. haha. 

Thanks for all the comments. I still have alot to do to this small space. So suggestions are welcomed!


Tuesday 12th of October 2010

What's that round thing with the water? Is that a tiny fish tank? I think that's one thing in your room I find really interesting and very unique.


Sunday 20th of January 2013

Sorry it has taken me 2 years to reply, lol.

I purchased the wall fish bowl here: