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Daddy-Designed Playroom


We turned our sunroom into a playroom for our one year old son. Our goal was to do it on a budget yet add enough visual interest that our son would love playing in it... mission accomplished!

Design Inspiration

I thought back to when I was little and imagined myself playing in this room. I wanted to hang big Chinese lanterns from the ceiling because I would have loved looking at them when I was young. I wanted to incorporate different textures into the rug because I could imagine playing with trucks on the rug and thinking that one area is the forrest and the other is flatland. And I thought our son could learn the alphabet pretty well if we hung giant letters on the wall.

Decorating Style

I love contemporary design and bright colors.

Project Details

First we painted the room with Benjamin Moore paint. I bought the alphabet stickers on We splurged on the floor — 56 carpet tiles from in a chevron pattern. The bookcases are from Ikea (there are two next to each other). All of the hanging items were found online and the white hooks holding them up are from Home Depot. The fabric-wrapped canvas stretchers are from Crate and Barrel outlet and they were a breeze to put together. Plus, the fabric was only $3.99 a yard. The igloo (tent) is from a garage sale and was a gift from my mother. The chevron baskets are from Target and we had to go to five different store locations in order to buy eight of them. The soft little stools are from Meijer. 

Favorite Items

I love the alphabet wall. It was fun to paint and hang the letters. It's fun using them to teach our sun the alphabet.

I also love the hanging items because my son and I lay on the floor and look up at them as he points at them and says, "big ball!" It's awesome. 


I love for inspiration. And I love bright colors. 


Thursday 6th of September 2012

Very nice!!!


Friday 17th of August 2012

Good job, Daddy. I love the abstract artworks on the wall. But I doubt if little kids really appreciate those. Why not put in easily recognizable pictures too?