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Daddy-Designed Baby’s Room


Gender-neutral baby's room designed by a dad. Sophisticated, modern, and on a budget.

Design Inspiration

We didn't find out the sex of our baby ahead of time, so I was looking to create a gender-neutral room. I love clean, modern, sophisticated spaces and I pretty much dislike most decorations designed specifically for a baby's room. I mean, there are only so many monkeys you can put on a blanket or wall without it getting silly, right? So, with that in mind, I was trying to create a room that felt a little sophisticated and a little grown up.

Decorating Style

Modern, sleek lines, not too child-like. It's a baby's room for adults. And it's completely functional — we didn't put anything on the wall above our dresser/changing table because our son would just pee on it. :-) 

Project Details

Since one of our windows butts up right against a wall, we bought one set of curtain panels from Ikea and cut each panel in half in order to make the panels narrow and not cover up too much of the windows. Then, we had four panels to use for two windows, which also saved money.

Favorite Items

I love the "family tree" wall sticker that I got from Etsy. I also love the pillow on the gliding chair from Bed Bath and Beyond and the light from Land of Nod.


I loved looking at Project Nursery for inspiration.

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  1. […] Daddy-Designed Baby’s Room by nickscarpino […]

  2. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:

    That’s the one. Thanks, Simple Shapes!

  3. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:

    Thank you. I’m flattered. :-)

  4. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:

    It gives a great amount of light. We added a dimmer switch to the wall switch, too, to make it darker in the room at night.

  5. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:

    I got it on Etsy from seller CreativeNeesh.

  6. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:


  7. avatar Nicholas Scarpino says:

    They are from Land of Nod.

  8. avatar freckleface says:

    if I’m not mistaken…and i don’t think I am, that is the Luca glider and ottoman by monte design

  9. avatar Steph says:

    Where is the chair and ottoman from?

  10. avatar judyk says:

    my favorite nursery yet!!

  11. avatar Tonya says:

    Love this nursery and we already have a room painted gray:) My husband is deployed right now so I am trying to get everything ready for baby before her returns. I would love to know where you purchased your alphabet print? Thanks so much…..

  12. avatar Kacie says:

    Did you choose orange accent bird decals or citrus yellow?? Thanks!!

  13. avatar alicia funk says:

    Do you feel like the Nod ceiling light gives off enough light in the room or is it dim? I can’t tell if there is more than one light bulb in there from their website. Love the room – great job!

  14. avatar Deblyn says:

    Love the room!!! Fantastic use of color. My daughter is having her first and was looking for something modern, fresh and unique. I am now the best grandma tobe since finding site.
    We are using your design as inspiration. Thanks for all the info on where to purchase and the paint
    Color. We are in Canada so no chance anyone will know that we copied you.
    Hope you are enjoying your new baby.

  15. Great article, I just given this onto a co-worker who was doing a little research on that. And he in fact purchased me lunch because I discovered it for him

  16. avatar darlene says:

    Love it! Gray is such a “HOT” color right now and it looks so great with orange! I immediately thought how awesome our custom gray & orange initial rug would look in that room!

  17. Marlyn:
    Beautiful room! Can you tell me the name of the shop on etsy for the family tree decal? Thanks!

    Looks like our Original Shelving Tree from Simple Shapes! The whole nursery looks so wonderful! Congrats!

  18. avatar Marlyn says:

    Beautiful room! Can you tell me the name of the shop on etsy for the family tree decal? Thanks!

  19. Lovely room. I love the color of the gray wall with the details in white and orange. And that pendant light is adorable.

  20. avatar Jess says:

    Fantastic room!! Where did you find the Alphabet artwork? Thanks!

  21. avatar Mom says:

    Hi Kari. The pendent light came from the Land of Nod.

  22. avatar Kari says:

    Love the nursery, where did you find that pendant light. It is awesome!

  23. avatar Mom says:

    The paint color was called Anonymous by Behr paint. How fitting for our anonymous child until birth. :-)


  24. avatar Connie Turner says:

    Wow, am so impressed with this room, It is so serene and so NOT like your ordinary nursery,babies do not need to be surrounded in “baby” stuff and I truly believe that that babies are more comfortble in rooms that they are familiar with. I have 6 kids and not one of them had a special “baby” type Nursery…This nursery gets a “20” out of 10!!!

  25. avatar becca hirst says:

    awesome nursery! good job!

  26. avatar MominW8ting says:

    Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! Do you remember the name of the paint used? Love the whole look. So nice!

  27. avatar Orleen Newotn says:

    Beautiful room design. Love the family tree on the wall, very versatile room for either a boy or girl. Sure Brady is going to love his room as he grows up. Well done!

  28. avatar Annette says:

    This is outstanding … I love the bright accent colors, how well the room is put together and especially the tree with pictures on the free-standing shelves out of the tree. What an incredible positive atmosphere for Brady and parents! Well done!

  29. This is a wonderful, versatile room. Brady can enjoy this decor for years to come. Nice job, Nick!

  30. Thanks so much for putting a Safe Crib in the layout. Nothing in the crib except a fitted sheet. Bumper pads, pillows, toys, etc are not safe have caused suffocation in infants.

  31. avatar Jen says:

    This is amazing. i love every last detail. Thank you for including the information on where you purchased items. I am going to attempt to replicate this.

  32. avatar nickscarpino says:

    I’m sorry, cjfnursery, I don’t remember the name of the Ikea panels and I don’t see them on their website now. The panels cost $20 for two panels and they are fairly heavy fabric. Sorry I can’t be of more help. When I bought them in the store, they were definitely marked down, so maybe they are no longer being sold? I’m not sure. 

  33. avatar cjfnursery says:

    I LOVE this room!!!!! Wonderful job!!! I wanted to know if you remembered the name of those curtains from Ikea, I really like that style and color??? Thanks!

  34. avatar Recreate says:

    Really pretty. And the fact that it was the dad-to-be who designed the room adds extra cool points. I really love the wall decal with the integrated shelves.

  35. avatar nickscarpino says:

    Hi, Artsy_eyez. We got the chair at a Land of Nod outlet store in Naperville, IL. 

  36. avatar artsy_eyez says:

    I’m working on a gender neutral nursery right now!  I love grey as a neutral base!!  Where did you get that fabulous chair?? I love it!

  37. avatar bluebirdkisses says:

    I love your nursery!!!  So beautiful and chic :) great job daddy!  I think we have the same crib for our son.

  38. avatar Pam says:

    Dad, you rock! I just love when both parents are involved in the design of baby’s first room. The color combo and modern details are fabulous. Well done!

  39. avatar JeanM1211 says:

    beautiful! We aren’t finding out the sex of our baby either so gray was also one of our options too..i think it looks great with a bright color..Wonderful job, I LOVE IT!!!