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Cute Nursery Closet Dividers!


I will be adding pictures shortly (: I love the idea of having an organized nursery! Although this was not necessary I thought it would be cute! It adds some cute prints to her closet! So I made a few. It cost so much less than purchasing them on etsy!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was actually the theme of my nursery. My theme is a nest nursery. I actually got my inspiration for my theme from a wonderful mom on project nursery. I am now incorporating things I love into the theme to make it my own.
Therefore this is one of the things. I came up with on my own.

Decorating Style

Cute and girly on a budget!

Project Details

I got all my supplies to make these at Hobby Lobby.

Favorite Items

My favorite print would have to be the cute birds. I honestly love both prints. I think they go well with my theme.


Things don't always have to be store bought to look good. You can always take the time to make something. It won't only be fun but it will also be meaninful! (:

Bree's Mommy

Thursday 31st of March 2011

Let me know what you think please! (: I would love to hear it!