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Cute indian animals


I have a little son, Jaś, here's how we changed his room.
We have transformed a boring interior into a beautiful, colorful and lively room.
We've never put wallpaper before, because it's so time consuming.
Until we found the company's self-adhesive wallpaper Coloray.

The wallpaper sticks easily. We don't need glue or any tools for it.
It literally took us a while.

My son loves animals, that's why we chose the cute Indian animals wallpaper for him.
It was a bull's eye!

For this we put him a small table with chairs.
There is also a cupboard with animal mascots and a large flower in a scandinavian metal casing.
The accessories perfectly match the theme of the wallpaper.

It got really cozy. My little son shows the animals all the time, and we tell him their names.
These animals are cute in this wallpaper.

Do you also want to liven up your corner?
Check out Coloray!
They have many other beautiful wallpapers. Something will surely catch your eye.