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Cozy Light Blue and Red Nursery


this is sweet jori's new nursery. we recently did an addition to our 100 yr old home. so when decorating the new nursery, I wanted to try to make it feel like a cozy "old fashioned" room with lots of country character.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the comfortable feeling of a warm, old home.  

Decorating Style

Eclectic!  I love a little bit of everything.  I am not pulled to one particular style.  I decorate with the things I love, and those are all different things.  

Project Details

I did this room on a really tight budget.  I made the crib skirt from and bed sheet, I made the crib bumper with fabric from my moms sewing closet, we repainted and old dresser and book shelf.  I also made the little flag banner over her window, the boxes backed with fabric, recovered the circle frames, and hung an old window.  I just love spending time in there.  It was so fun to put together and now so fun to watch my baby girl grow up in.  

Favorite Items

The crib bedding and flags over the window.


Have fun, go with your heart.  Pick a light color to start with and then add your punches with the other decorative items.  

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  1. avatar bonnie widmaier says:

    you wont believe it, but my mom found the crib outside on the curb with a sign that said FREE to good home!  what a treasure :)

  2. avatar cottonlily says:

    Very pretty.  I like the wall color alot.  And I think you did a good job trying to blend the room with the style of your older home. 

  3. avatar hawahawa says:

    What a very cute curiosity box! And I find the fabric bantings by the window very cute and charming.

  4. avatar ShandiA17 says:

    I loove this room and I looove the crib where did you get it from ? I am having a baby girl in July and I have been looking for a pretty white crib!

  5. avatar Dandelion says:

    What I like most about this room is that it looks simple and clean, without the fuss and frills. Old-fashioned goodness!

  6. avatar bonnie widmaier says:

    thanks for the comment!  i did make the changing pad cover.  i got the fabric from walmart years ago off there $1 a yard table.  i loved it so i got about 10 yards of it.  i have used it for many projects around the house but i still have some left.  if you are interested, maybe we can work out a deal and i can send you what i have left.  you can email me at

  7. avatar Shera2316 says:

    Very cute nursery! Where did you get the cover for the changing pad? Or if you made it, do you remember the name/brand of the fabric? I am also doing a light blue/red nursery and I love that pattern…