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Coral, Lemon and Mint Girl’s Nursery


Leah's nursery can be described as an eclectic mix of soft colours for the most precious blessing and miracle...

I'm not a "pink mom", so needed to create a space that was special and pretty, without being too pink and over the top. I didn't initially have a clear picture in mind, which was challenging at times, but as soppy as it sounds, I guess love guided me.

I knew the essential elements that I wanted and saved for those so that they could be the best I could afford. I also wanted a practical space, which I achieved by adding a daybed into the bay window that we added to make the room a little bigger. This will eventually be her bed when she is older, but also means that if I need I have a place to sleep during midnight mayhem.

Once the main items were in (daybed, cot, chest and rocking chair), I spent months adding little pieces here and there and the project grew with my pregnancy. It was an emotional and amazing feeling when the room was finally finished, although you don't see the mosquito net that was too late by the time these pictures were taken.

The main items are also neutral enough to suit a boy's nursery in case Leah has a brother in the future.

Design Inspiration

I simply wanted a comfortable and soft space that was both functional and beautiful to be in.

I'm a simple person and don't like excess in anything, whether it's the way I dress or how I style my home. So I guess my main inspiration was beautiful, soft functionality.

Decorating Style

My style is contemporary-conventional.

I like the functionality of old or more traditional things, while putting a modern or eclectic spin on them.

I'm also inspired by natural colours and textures, which I believe don't date and can add stylish longevity to your home decor.

Project Details

Chest and Cot: The exceptional gentlemen at Meyer Von Weilligh

Daybed and Nursery Wardrobe: Personal Touch Cabinets

For the knobs on the drawers of the daybed and chest, I opted for a mix of different ceramic knobs from EBay

Nursery Linen: Studio Collection

Bed Linen: Woolworths

White Polka-Dot Curtains: StyleEast

Rocking Chair: StyleEast

Mosquito Net and Nursery Duvet: Tom and Bella

Decor Items: @Home, Woolworths, Little Fire Company

Chandellier: Hellooow Chandeliers

White Stripe Window Blind: Expanda EL

Wallpaper: Daniel Hechter

Favorite Items

My favourite item must be the baby pink-cream ombré chandelier.

It is the most beautiful thing and supports a worthy cause at the same time.

It is hand made by ladies with HIV AIDS and helps them earn money and uplift them in their communities.

The chandeliers are made from hand rolled ceramic beads from recycled paper clay, which are then kiln fired and then hand strung onto a wrought iron framework. The result is breathtaking and makes the prettiest patterns onto a bare ceiling.  Leah stares at the pattern mesmerised at the beauty.


Take your time. Just as your precious baby is growing inside you, so should your nursery and choices. Rome wasn't built in a day...

Save and spend the most on those special essential items that not only add beauty to your room, but that can be used for the next siblings.

Do neutrals for the base items so that you can use them for other boys or girls without having to repaint.

Support a good cause if you can.


Monday 26th of October 2015

Beautiful nursery! Love your style...I'm wondering what the colour name is for your wallpaper. Thanks!


Tuesday 16th of June 2015

I love this room! The colors are beautiful, can you tell me what color of paint you used?