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Copeland’s Colorful Nursery


C is for Copeland! His nursery is a colorful, creative, cozy, Craigslist furnished, chalkboard walled compilation of new and old pieces that form a great room for sleep and play.


Design Inspiration

I was introduced to Pinterest while I was pregnant, and that is where I found many of the ideas for Copeland's nursery. I also found inspiration from mine and my husband's childhood things that our parents passed down to us.

Decorating Style

Colorful. Bold. Fun.

Project Details

Chalkboard Wall - We measured and taped the area we wanted to be the chalkboard portion, then painted it with Valspar's Chalkboard paint from Lowe's. We then framed out the area with wood trim we painted white.

 Bookshelf Wall - It was inspired by this popular Pinterest image.

I decided I did not want to designate an entire wall to this,  but thought a little corner would be charming. My dad studied the images (there were no tutorials to be found at the time), and created them for me. Lumber specs: 1x3's for the back of the shelves, and 1x2's on each to create the lip to hold the books. We screwed and glued them together and painted them white.

Quilt and Pennant Banner: Custom made by a very talented, dear friend

Blackout Curtains/Bumper: Copeland's Mimi (my mom)

Favorite Items

My "70's orange" wingback chair and footstool, and the bookshelf wall made by my dad. I also really love the pennant banner. I'm also really proud that we did this so cheaply. You can decorate on a dime and still have a great nursery! Big items came from Craigslist, and most of the other things were handmade by friends, or passed down from family.


Don't be afraid to throw in colors that don't match perfectly.  Do work to tie them in somewhere. For example: the one burnt orange yarn ball in the mobile matches the chair and footstool, and the black and white quilt squares in the pennants and quilt match the rug.


I wanted to create a room that was not specifically "baby" so that Copeland would have a room to grow up in. For instance, the chalkboard wall will turn into his headboard once he is ready to transition into a toddler bed. I'm planning on using a platform-type bed so he is close to the floor (no falling too far out of bed, thanks), and I know he will have fun being able to draw on his headboard.


The room isn't all that big, so I chose a dresser to double as a changing table. This kept me from trying to cram so many furniture pieces into a small room. I also like that about the bookshelf wall. I have a place for books that doubles as decoration, and it doesn't take up any square footage.


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  1. avatar Kelli says:

    Great work on the nursery. It still working perfectly for today, almost 10 years later. I’m unexpectedly getting to do nursery for our first grandchild, due any minute. at our home. We are about 7 hours apart and my niece thought since we have the room and they will be here often to see granddad it would be better to setup up my husband’s crib, that both our boys used too at their grandparents house, than the pac and play. Got momma and daddy’s approval and I’m off to the races.

    How is Copeland’s doing today? I bet he loves the chalkboard wall.

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  8. avatar Michaela Mea says:

    Where can I buy the chevron area rug?

  9. avatar Amanda Walker says:

    I have done the same. It is also more tan and black rather than black and white.

  10. avatar Sarah Gries says:

    Can you tell me where you got your mirror? It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

  11. avatar Geri says:

    I’ve been looking for THE perfect banner/garland for my baby boy’s room. Does your friend do any custom orders?

  12. avatar Erin Austin says:

    How did you hang the yarn/string balls? Did you use yarn or a kind of string?

  13. avatar bjerjlc says:

    Where’s the fabric from for the bumper? Is it a linen? I think it looks perfect!

  14. avatar Dollhousehaircuts says:

    I love the yarn balls idea

  15. avatar Rachel says:

    Love your nursery. :) Where did you find that awesome mirror? Thanks for providing the paint color!

  16. Beautiful room. Love the colours.

  17. avatar stherien says:

    Love love love your baby nursery. Love the colors accents as well as the main colors are shades of grey. Inspiration for me.

  18. avatar Cindy says:

    Copeland is such a lucky little fellow !!!!! Love the nursery and your choices !

  19. avatar Lorrie says:

    Such a cool room!!!

  20. avatar Joyce J says:

    Such a nice room, by such a creative mommy! You should come do my little “King’s” room!
    Craigslist, huh? You’ve inspired your mom-in-law I think!

  21. avatar Julee A. says:

    Beautiful! I love all the details! I am so inspired to do something to one of the rooms in my house, Great job!

  22. avatar Barbara says:

    Beautiful room…simple, yet eye catching

  23. avatar Indi Kaur Sidhu says:

    love that Jenny Lind ~ Crib …

  24. I love Copeland’s room! It’s colorful, cozy and fun!.

  25. avatar apenrose says:


    Hi Jessica!

    I made the yarn balls using this tutorial:

    And the picture was just a poster my husband had that we framed – it’s not a picture of my little boy, although I will probably re-create it with him as the subject at some point!

  26. avatar Ashley says:

    Love the room! I just painted my son’s room a similair color (though I think I like this one more) and built the book shelf ledges using’s $10 ledges tutorial

  27. avatar Carol says:

    Love the chalkboard wall :) Also love the idea of mixing new with vintage…I had the same idea :) Nicely done, great colors!!

  28. avatar Jessica says:

    Love this! Would you mind telling me where the balls are from over the crib? Also, my husband is a DJ and I would love to replicate that picture with the headphones. What camera did you use? Is it just black and white? Thanks!

  29. avatar apenrose says:

    Jaime, Ashley, Tiffany:

    I ordered the rug here:

    The only complaint I have with it is that it is not as soft as I would like. The positive thing about that, though, is that it is hardy. He can play all over it and it doesn’t show any wear. A softer rug might show wear faster.

  30. avatar Tiffany says:

    I love the rug too! I ordered a similar one from Urban Outfitters- but it was a rougher material (semi-jute I think?), and had a funky smell! Would love to know where this is from?

  31. avatar Ashley@marriedlane says:


    I’m also interested In the rug – love the chevron!

  32. avatar Jaime says:

    I love this room!!!! Can you tell me about the rug? I’ve been looking for a chevron rug for a while.

  33. avatar apenrose says:

    Thank you for your kind comments! We loved putting his room together! It was sort of like an art project for me, so I appreciate the great feedback!

  34. avatar apenrose says:

    Katie Gonzalez,

    Hi Katie,

    Yes, actually. My husband and I are both musicians, and we love the band “Copeland”. We’d also heard it as a name for a boy years ago, and my husband really liked it. Thank you!

  35. avatar Ashley says:

    This is one of the best nurseries I have seen on Project Nursery in a long time! I absolutely love it! It is so creative and perfect for a little boy. I love the chalkboard paint behind the crib, and the frames on it are too cute! We live in an apartment, and can’t paint, but if we could I totally would have done something similar. There isn’t one thing I don’t like. Great job!

  36. avatar idbutterflykisses says:

    Great job! I love the color and I love that this is a room that the baby can grow into without having to change too much.

  37. avatar Lisa Ratzlaff says:

    The room is inviting, a unique combination of old and new. Gives a feeling that Copeland is surrounded by a type of love that is passed from generation to generation, just like the family items featured in the room. Lucky Copeland–I get the feeling he has amazing parents‚Ķand amazing grandparents too!

  38. avatar Katie Gonzalez says:

    Love love the room! So neat for a boy. I am curious as to how you came up with his name? I listen to a band name Copeland, does it have anything to do with them? :) His name is very unique, I love it.

  39. avatar Barb says:

    Beautiful…. looks professionally done.

  40. avatar apenrose says:



    The color is City Storm by Valspar.

  41. avatar RLT says:

    Love the paint color, do you know what the name is?

  42. avatar Alissa Raley says:

    I love everything about his room! Its so inviting, I would love to play/sleep in there! Your eye for design is something to envy! ;)

  43. avatar Debbie Raley says:

    I simply love those curtains! I want to make some just like it for my living room!

  44. avatar apenrose says:

    Hi! Thank you! I got that lamp (next to the chair) at Target.

  45. avatar CAMathison says:

    LOVE!!!!! great job! where is the lamp , by the chair/book shelf from?

  46. avatar Kristin says:

    Wow, this room is fantastic! Love everything about it, incredible job. What a lucky baby!