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Coopers Room


Our four legged family memeber Bella inspired all the puppy items in the room.

Design Inspiration

including our dog bella into a babys room

Decorating Style

We liked traditional pieces and items that were not overly cartoonish or baby. 

Project Details

use preprimed MDF for a quick wainscoating. wainscoating for the whole 20x12 room cost under $400 for all materials including window trim and wall paint.

Favorite Items

The puppy pictures framed by daddy himself.  And the hand knit blanket made with love by his Auntie.


Pick your colors first and then from there incorporate items that you love.  Baby bedding seemed to be over priced and too matchy matchy so I decided not to buy a set.  I found the bumper and bed skirt at Buy Buy Baby and sheets from Target. 


Friday 18th of March 2011

We ordered the family tree from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  It's a light metal material in an off white cream color.  I attached the link for you to check out....enjoy!


Friday 18th of March 2011

Thanks so much we really love the room.  We got all the preprimed MDF at a local chain store called Menards in the Chicago area.  Here are the sizes...overall height is 46", top rail is 6" wide, bottom is 8" wide, vertical rails are 4" wide and spaced 20" on center.  Top cover rail was 2" wide w/ decorative shoe molding underneath.  As for the base bord molding we used the cheap contractors pack available at any hardware store.  We picked it up at Home Depot.  All the MDF was glued and nailed and seams filled with drywall compound for a smooth finish.  We painted the wall and trim the same color to look like one seemless piece. ....Good luck I hope it turns out great!! 

Trevor Scalercio

Monday 14th of March 2011


Congratulations, you're so close!  This room ROCKS!!!  This is exactly what we are looking to do.  I know you are probably very busy right now but I was curious if you could give me more details about the wainscoting.  I took off work and we are starting the nursery project this week.  I am specifically interested in the measurements, from the floor to the top, spacing in between vertical boards, and board widths Chair rail, top molding, baseboard, and baseboard molding.  Do you happen to have any part #'s of the MDF boards, or remember where you bought them?  Any information you could provide would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  And once again congratulations!!!  


Sunday 13th of March 2011

This room is sooo cute!  With only one week to go, am sure you are pretty excited, and I'm sure Cooper's gonna love this room!  That family tree you have there is pretty and is a great addition to this room. How did you make that?