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Cooper’s Room


My son's room has changed quite a bit from when he was a baby but he's still not a "big boy". I'm really enjoying the progression his room has followed as he's grown into a spunky toddler who loves cars, trucks & airplanes.

Design Inspiration

The original inspriation for this room was a Caden Lane fabric; I loved the shapes and the colors. The bedding was originally this blanket + an adorable bumper and crib skirt...then the baby got rambunctious and the bumper did not survive...and the morphing of the nursery began.

As it stands now it's become a combination nursery/toddler room that features trucks airplanes and a wall mural from the original inspiration.

It's lost some of it's continuity but I like it--it's fun to see it change as my baby has changed.

Decorating Style

Contemporary & modern with soft edges and livable style.

Project Details

The project was truly a family affair. My husband and I carefully selected each furniture piece, painted paint swatches and planned the space. When the design was finalized, my mother-in-law painted the wall mural, my husband made the toy box and his 90 year old grandfather  surprised us with the airplanes which could not have been more perfect.

Favorite Items

My favorite items (besides the mural and custom toy box) are the crib and rocker. I love the modern touches on both. The rocker has been great as my son has gotten older; he loves to sit next to us and read story after story after story.


The color palette is the one element that holds this space together, even as it has changed, the colors have kept it cohesive.

New Mom

Saturday 8th of December 2012

I love the airplanes. Where did you find them? Thanks.

Marcela Daniels

Saturday 6th of August 2011

Great room. Can you tell me where you found the elephant and the cube that it sits on? Thanks!


Wednesday 20th of July 2011

@ thuytiendo: Thank you! The rocker is firm but I think it's comfortable. The cushions have held up well after lots of hours of rocking over the last two years :)


Tuesday 19th of July 2011

Hi, your nursery is beautiful.  I was wondering if the Rocker is comfortable or stiff?


Saturday 23rd of April 2011

very tasteful.