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Cooper’s 1st Birthday Golf Par-Tee


A golf themed birthday party for our son, Cooper.

Design Inspiration

GOLF! We are a family of golfers and needed to have this December birthday indoors. We chose a local golf course as our location, and the theme blossomed from there.

Decorating Style

Modern, preppy, contemporary, designer

Project Details

Everything was DIY for this project. I gathered ideas from everywhere and enlisted the help for friends and family to pull it all together.

I made party favors with toy golf club sets for each child in attendance. I also ordered custom golf tees as take home gifts for the adults.

The centerpieces were the most fun part to create, I used a combination of Vuvuzelas and paper party balls to create the look of a giant golf ball on the tee.

I also had all of the food named within the golf theme. Not all of it is pictured here, but we had:

Sand-Wedges - Assorted Mini Sandwiches & Wraps

Eagles - Buffalo wings

Chip Shots - Chips

Greens in Regulation - Caesar Salad

Cheese WEDGES – Cheese plates

Mac and β€œTEES” – Mac and Cheese

Birdies – Chicken Nuggets

Sand Trap – Powdered Donut Holes on Brown Sugar

Get in the CUPcakes

Ball Markers – Golf themed cookies

Worm Burners - "Worms in Dirt"

..and more!

I am very fortunate to have very crafty friends!



Favorite Items

Besides the guest of honor, the centerpieces are my favorite part of the party!


Look for inspiration everywhere and get creative with your decor!

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  1. avatar Lauren Horowitz says:

    Where did you get the golf club party favors?

  2. avatar Kara says:

    Where did you get the green plants for the centerpieces?

  3. avatar Laura says:

    Was looking for answers here- so thought I’d share. I was trying to glue the lanterns on to the horns. No luck! So, I used a rubber band on the small hole- end of the lantern, looped over the support wire. I Tied the rubber band to a string which I then fed down through the horn and then tied it around the mouthpiece end. This tie will be covered when you set it up. I’m using old white plastic planters, free from Lowes, filled with small rocks to keep them standing upright, and then covering the rocks with Green shredded paper like you might use in an Easter basket.

  4. avatar Steph says:

    Where did you find the golf sets?

  5. avatar Pam says:

    Love the centerpieces, but I have the same question: How do you attach the tissue balls to horn? I tried spray glue and elmer’s glue. Neither held it. If anyone else has done this, please email me:

  6. avatar Laci says:

    where did you find the golf sets? I have looked everywhere and can not find them

  7. avatar Sue says:

    How do you attach the tissue balls to horn? Need suggestions ASAP for Ladies guest day event.

  8. avatar Jin says:

    I’m going to throw in a few suggestions for other people who might be looking to do this in the future. We have an upcoming event and I’m using the horn/lantern for centerpieces. I’ll come back here and update everyone on what we decided to use:

    1. You might be able to hot glue the horns to the bottom of your pot
    2. I’m going to try to insert the horn into floral foam, such as the ones found here to stand them up:
    3. Another possible option that I’m going to explore is to use play-doh or modeling clay at the bottom

  9. avatar Caryn says:

    Did anyone have a creative way to attach horns to pots?

  10. avatar Kim says:

    What is the “and more” of the menu

  11. avatar michelle faria says:

    I am looking for directions on how to make the centerpieces.

  12. avatar Amy Riestenberg says:

    Please tell me how to get the lanterns to attach to the horns! Party this saturday and I can not figure this out – YIKES

  13. avatar Maureen Stonebarger says:

    I am asking the same question. How did you get the lanterns to stay on the stadium horns and how did you get the horns to stay upright?

  14. avatar Judy says:

    Could you please answer these questions???

  15. avatar Adrienne says:

    I would love to know how you attached the honeycomb balls to the vuvuzelas. Please advise. Party is this weekend. Thanks.

  16. avatar Jane says:

    Hi! Like everyone else, I’m wondering how to attach the honeycomb ball to the vuvuela! We are using them for table decor for a charity event golf tournament, auction and gala dinner. Did you use plaster to secure the vuvuela to the pot??? Thank you for your prompt reply!

  17. avatar Sandy says:

    I’m planning my son golf theme 1st birthday. Where did you get the plastic golf set? Thanks

  18. avatar Barbara Reynolds says:

    I loved the center pieces. Where did you get the vuvuzeles????

  19. avatar Joan says:

    Love the centerpieces and I ordered the stadium horns…where did you get the paper lanterns…I can not find that pattern…thank you!

  20. avatar Cynthia martin says:

    Where did you purchase the centerpieces ?

    I am the event planner for a high school end of year golf banquet for 150 people . I will have 19 round tables to seat 8 .

    Any input would be appreciated . Love your tables !

  21. avatar Tracy Brandon says:

    I love your ideas, how did you get the horns to stand up? And not collapse? I’m trying to crest the same for my husbands 50th

  22. avatar Nicole Stanford says:

    Where did you find the plastic golf sets from? Also, how did you attach the paper party balls?

  23. avatar Tracy says:

    How did you get the vuvuzelas to stand up?

  24. avatar Ina says:

    I have the vuvuzelas and the pots to put them in. How did you secure them inside the pots? I am using size 12 inch inflatable golf balls instead.

  25. avatar Sandra Wilson says:

    The Tee’s & Golf Balls look Great, Can you please advise where you bought the Vuvuzela’s.
    Many Thanks

  26. avatar Ella says:

    How did you get the vuvuzelas to stand without collapsing and what size honeycomb did you use?

  27. avatar jamie says:

    Where did you get those plastic putt putt golf games? Thanks!

  28. avatar Kaye says:

    What size honeycomb ball did you use and how did you attach them to the “tee”?

  29. avatar Tami Peters says:

    i love your party idea!! Where did you find the buckets to out center pieces in?

  30. avatar Jess says:

    I want to do the golf tees for my son’s birthday party and am struggling on how to secure the vuvuzuela in the pot. Did you pot the grass yourself or buy it somewhere?

  31. avatar Betsy Kallor says:

    I have the vuvuzelas, potted grass & white lanterns for a golf party in November. How do I attach & secure all the parts most effectively?

  32. avatar susu says:

    You did a Fabulous job with the decor! How did you get the vuvuzelas to stay upright and not collapse?

  33. avatar Cartermom says:

    Love this party! Where did you get the plastic golf sets?