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Cookie Monster’s Milk & Cookies 1st Birthday Party


Blend of Cookie Monster and Cookies & Milk decor.  Brown and Turquoise color theme.

Design Inspiration

I have saved Cookie Monster figurine's since I was a child- I collected Cookie Monster.  I adore the Cookies & Milk theme, so I decided to coordinate them for my son's 1st Birthday party.

Project Details

Using the Cookie Monster figurines that I have for many years saved up for my children, I designed the party around Cookie Monster and Cookies & Milk theme.  Our colors were Brown & Turquoise.  I decided to go with a Turquoise Cookie Monster after I found some adorable Cookie Monster fabric.

Decor:  Invitations I made using my critcut machiene, Cookie Monster head from the 'Sesame Street Fonts' cartridge. I added 'Googly' eyes to the invitations and used a chocolate chip ribbon and wording to tie in the Cookies & Milk theme.  Coordinating banner and party favors with the same Cookie Monster head with Googly eyes.   I used Cookie Monster fabric and Chocolate Brown burlap to sew together a pennant banner and mini pennant banner for the high chair.  I also used this fabric for table runners for the treat tables.   Chocolate Brown and Turquoise with polk dot latex balloons,  Chocolate Chip Cookie Balloons, and Cookie Monster balloon purchase from and Ebay.  Tables outside had various Cookie Monster figurines on them.

Cookies & Milk:  Treat table included Chocolate Chip and Cookie Monster cake pops, from B's Treats- Facebook page-!/BsTreats.... Milk Bottle Shaped Cookies with the words 'ONE' and 'MILK' on them, that a friend of mine makes/sells (Orange County/Riverside CA area), and various cookies that I embellished the cookie jars with the Chocolate Chip Cookie ribbon and tag.   Party favors included Milk bottle cookies, Chips Ahoy Cookies with a Cookie Monster embellishment and Got Milk Straws also with a Cookie Monster embellishment.  I bought the cookies from our local Corner Bakery and Costco.

The coordinating ribbon that I used on the inviataions and throughout the party I purchased from ETSY

Take home goodie bags were brown paper saks that I trimmed with craft scissors with a DIY printable I created.  Inside were cookie themed items each with a Cookie Monster googly eye embellishment - Chips Ahoy Cookies, Milk Straws, Milk Duds and Milky Ways.  For the younger kids 0-1  their treat saks included a Cookie Monster sippy cup, bib, and Cookie Monster food pouch.  I found the sippy cups and bib at our local dollar store and the food pouch at babies r us.

Poms:  Used turquoise and kraft colored tissue paper and created Cookie Monster and Chocolate Chip Cookie poms to hang outside as décor.

The Milk station included Chocolate, 2% regular, and Strawberry Milk in old fashion milk bottles that they sell at Sprouts.  I used starbucks bottles w/ a little goo gone (thanks Pinterest for this tip) to clean off the labels to make the individual bottles to drink out of with a coordinating color paper straw.  I was very pleased that the milk station was a hit.  Not one drop of milk was left at the end of the party.   Water bottles covered in free printables from ....  and Cookie Monster juice boxes I ordered on Amazon.   Plates/Napkins/Utensils were all coordinating turquoise and Cookie Monster.  I embellished the utensil holder with the coordinating Cookie Monster w/ googly eyes and ribbon that I used throughout the party.

Food:  Nacho Bar, Sandwhiches, and various salads- pasta/fruit.  I also made Cookie Butter and jelly sandwhiches.  Trader Joes now sells 'Cookie Butter' so in lieu of Peanut Butter, I thought this was very theme and age appropriate food, along with individual bag Chips.

The Smush Cake:  Our local grocery makes small cakes with all different designs and was able to make their 'monster' cake into a Cookie Monster with my coordinating turquoise coloring and I added a Choc Chip cookie to his mouth.

Desert: Since it was a Milk & Cookies party, the Cake Pops and Cookies served as the desert.

Entertainment: We had a face painter for one hour and a Special Guest- Cookie Monster himself for one hour who played games with the kids, took pictures, and finished off by singing Happy Birthday to our son.  Both from

Favorite Items

Milk Station,  Burlap & Cookie Monster fabric pennant banner &  Cookie Monster/Choc Chip Cookie Poms.


START EARLY! Make a 'Wish List' and start plugging away at projects.  Before you know it, the party will be here.  As always if you pick your theme early, you can save on money by keeping your eye on the sales and clearance items for things to use at your party.


Sunday 19th of January 2014

I love the milk bottle shaped cookies. I too am in Riverside County, wondering if your friend does this just for friends or if he/she is available for hire?


Friday 24th of January 2014

Hi Sarah. She does do them for sale (just not during November/December months.) Can you email me: with your email address and what you are looking for and I will forward to her. :)


Monday 28th of October 2013

Love the idea of making those pompoms look like Cookie Monster and cookie.