Contemporary Shabby Chic

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Holiday's nursery is peaceful and tranquil, but still lots of fun-- and practical too! It started out as a vintage, shabby chic space, but took a new direction along the design path as I incorporated some more contemporary elements. At the end of the day, Holiday loves to be in her room and she looks at every little thing which makes all of the time planning, designing, shopping and painting SO worthwhile!

Design Inspiration

I started with the green, damask Serena & Lily fabric and went from there!  I initally intended for this to be a very vintage, shabby chic feel, but it turned into something a little different (but wonderful) along the way!  I had planned to do white chair rail and bead board, but scrapped the idea at the last minute and decided to do the trim with the letters instead-- that was the decision that started taking us down the road of a more contempoary, updated shabby chic!  It's such a tiny element, but adding the green & white polka dot changing pad cover seemed to changed the entire room.  I kept the color palette very soft which allowed me layer many elements without the room feeling overwhelming. 

Decorating Style

Contemporary, country traditional! 

Project Details

I shopped anywhere and everywhere for this room from my parent's garage, flea markets, eBay, antique malls-- you name it!   

I found the little, shabby chic end table on Amazon for $25. 

I searched high and low for a lamp for the room and kept coming up empty handed.  I had the white base sitting around and simply tied ribbon and a brooch around a plain white shade to create a lamp that matches perfectly with the rest of the space.

I made the little chalkboard myself with a white frame and some chalkboard paint.

I simply re-painted the glass knob shelf under the chalkbaord to match the rest of the room

The mobile over the crib was a $15 find from Hobby Lobby that I had purchased for a baby shower and one day just decidded to see what it would look like!

The sconces behind the crib were also a great Amazon find for $50 for the pair

Favorite Items

The custom upholstered rocker/glider and gliding ottoman.  That was our biggest splurge in the nursery, but SO well worth it!  I love that it's a beautiful piece of furniture that I will be able to use in my house after the baby years!  I also love that it's neutral enough to work in a girl or boy nursery.

The glass canister on the changing table with the rubber duckies STILL makes me smile every time I see it!

The vintage, 1930's pink crystal curtain tie backs I found at an antique mall.


Start with a light and airy color palette and add extra elements one layer at a time-- spend lots of time in your nursery sitting, looking, taking it all in and figuring out what to add next! 


  1. 1

    Cute and lovely room. I also love the upholstered glider ottoman, the mirror above the changing table and that vintage frame near the lamp. Glad to know that a lot of the things you put in this room are something you got at a bargain.

  2. 2

    Yeah, the glass canister with rubber duckies made me smile, too. What’s inside the other canister? They look like marshmallows to me. LOL. While these jars look cute here, I am sure you will need to move them somewhere else as your little Holiday grows bigger. There really comes a time when it gets really difficult to change their diapers because they move a lot and at all directions.

  3. 3

    Beautiful nursery! Can you please tell me where you found the chandelier and also which wall colors you used? Thanks so much!

  4. 4

    Beautiful nursery! Can you please tell me where you found the chandelier and also which wall colors you used? Thanks so much!

  5. 5

    Very pretty!! Is that a Serena & Lily bumper or did you have custom made? Trying to find very similar look-especially bedskirt-would love to know! Also about paint color?

    Thanks so much!

  6. 6


    Hello- Just seeing all of these responses now…so sorry. I ordered the fabric from Serena and Lily (the sprout damask) and had the bumper custom made. Serena and Lily has a baby bedding set with this fabric, but I wasn’t crazy about the skirt that came with it and I also like bigger/fuller crib ties as well! I just used a pink chenille on the opposite side of the bumber which is only $13/ yard, so I only needed 2 yards of the Serena and Lily fabric (which unfortunately is $40/ yard).

  7. 7


    Hello– So sorry I am just now seeing these comments. I walked into a local lighting store (here in Fort Worth, Texas) and they happened to have just this one (floor model) market down to $80. I didn’t get a box or anything with it, so I can’t give you any more details– so sorry! The walls are a fairly pale pink and then above the molding and onto the ceiling, I painted a light grey. I painted all of the green accents with a few bottles of acrylic paint from my local craft store (can’t remember the name, it’s just a light/yellow green), but the colors on the wall are:
    PINK: BEHR “Be Mine” from Home Depot: 100A-2
    GRAY: Valspar “Taupe Stone” from Lowes: SR304

    Hope that helps

  8. 8


    The other jar has Bummas in them they’re “After the dipe, before the wipe” cloths to prevent diaper rash…but my daughter is now 18 months old and we’ve used them for anything and everything! The glass jars are still there (though my husband told me I needed to move them the other day)! She’s into getting her diaper changed on the floor now like a “Biggie Girl” and we’re in the middle of potty training, so guessing the whole changing table top will come off the dresser here very soon!

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