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Construction Themed Room


A construction themed room that wasn't too childish so that it could be enjoyed when my son was older too. I incorporated some of my Father's trucks from his business to make it more personal. I wanted things to be fun and I could easily add to as he got older and it doesn't need to necessarily "match".

Design Inspiration

I wanted something that could be enjoyed for years.  I do murals and paint furniture for clients and I finally had a chance to do something for my little guy.

Decorating Style

I am very bold, maybe too much sometimes.  I love to paint so sometimes I go a little overboard.

Project Details

This is a very small room so I couldn't do much with adding furniture and other room accents.  I wanted it somewhat simple but it ended up being a little more elaborate.  I was afraid with the size of the room, anything dark or overwhelming would make you feel claustrophobic, but I feel this room doesn't at all.  The crib and dresser are both very bulky, so I didn't have too many options.

I bought the bedding from Babies R us.  It is the construction zone from Jo Jo Designs. I have a small closet in the room that I didn't feel like getting custom doors made so I used the coordinating curtains from the swatch to make something for the closet. I used tension rods to hold it in.  I also bought extra panels for the windows. This set doesn't have curtains that were short, so I cut the long curtains to fit my windows and sewed them. I have paneling from floor to ceiling in the room so I spackled half the wall up to the chair rail so it was a smooth painting surface from the railing up.  I painted the lower half of the wall where the paneling is still exposed the same green in the bedding. The background brown for the dirt was used to blend in with the color of the furniture.  I had custom shelves made and stained them the same color as the crib and the dresser.

Favorite Items

The mural is my favorite.  I want to keep adding to it since there is so many different trucks and things that could go on it and it will be even more fun.


An overhead projector is the best invention ever!  I did mine free hand, except for the construction signs.  It makes everything easier... and faster! Always paint your background first.  I painted the sky with the clouds first and figured out where I wanted my trucks to go so I painted the dirt and background accordingly.  It is more difficult to paint around your main focal point when you are painting the background after.

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  1. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    The mural’s definitely amazing. Clearly a labor of love!