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Construction Birthday Party


My son turned two this past weekend, so we hosted a construction themed party for all of his buddies and their parents. We decorated with black and yellow tissue tassels, balloons, coloring pages and a mountain backdrop. Food included a chocolate mudslide cake, tool box veggie tray, pretzel lumber, rock cookies, dirt cups, and a bacon jalapeno cheeseball mountain. The kids played with sensory tables full of trucks, rice and split peas, knocked down a demolition city made of boxes, and took pictures in our dump truck photo booth. It was a blast!

Design Inspiration

The book I'm Dirty by Kate and Jim McMullan inspired the party. It is my son's current favorite!

Decorating Style

Fun and easy! My son helped with a lot of the decorations, so I wanted to make everything easy enough for him to be included. He glued all of the stripes for the road backdrop, crumpled brown paper for the mountain,  and stacked the boxes.

Project Details

I blogged all about the party on my blog: go ahead and snicker. There are recipes, more photos, and links there. The invitations will be available here: Trucks, party construction hats, and mini construction cones were found on Amazon.

Favorite Items

The kids loved the sensory tables, which were admittedly a huge mess on the deck and required the leaf blower to clean up:)  My favorite thing is the invitation set, since that was the first piece I made and it set the tone for the rest of the decor.

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  2. avatar Christi Freeny says:

    How did you make the dump truck? Can u send me instructions and list of supplies?

  3. avatar Jaime says:

    Can you send me a full picture of the dump truck photo booth. I can’t see the front of the truck. I’m trying to make one.

  4. […] this a cute idea? The kids will have double the fun when they first help you create this and then have loads of fun […]

  5. avatar Joanna M Sargent says:

    It’s just acrylics on cardboard, nothing fancy!

  6. avatar Jen says:

    Love the cardboard photo op. can u give me specific specs? What paint did you use? Thx

  7. avatar Alison Mar says:

    This one’s really creative and really resourceful. I love your use of ordinary items you find inside the house, like those cardboard boxes, tool box, etc. I love your truck photo booth, too!

  8. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    The box buildings are really cool. Congrats on being one of our favorite parties of the week!

  9. avatar sheribobbins says:

    Awesome job! I think the box buildings are my favorite – such a cool idea. You really completed your theme with every little detail – I love it!!