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Connor’s nursery


A little boy's nursery inspired by the woods surrounding our home, my husband's love of motor vehicles and our family's Scottish roots.

Design Inspiration

Our house is surrounded by trees and nature so I liked the idea of using a lot of neutral colors (browns, tans).  The pop of red was inspired by the Motorcycle print which has long hung in our house.

I was  reusing the white crib and chair from my daughter's nursery, so I wanted the rest of the decor to offset the lighter style of the furniture, plus I wanted a room that Connor could grow up in so I decided on stronger, more neutral colors vs. traditional baby pastels. 

Decorating Style

I would describe my style as comfortable, yet eclectic.  While I love very clean and modern decor, I like to match the style of my rooms with the style of my house - which is currently very cottage-like.  I prefer to re-use and re-purpose things from around the house as much as I can and give them new life in a different setting. 

Project Details

The crib bedding was originally a Madras quilt from Pottery Barn Kids that I had remade into the bumper (and I used the left over fabric for a small quilt to drape over the chair).  I also had two crib sheets made from a duvet (also PBK).    We re-used my husband's dresser from his childhood (This End Up) which was much heavier wood.  It serves as both Connor's changing table and dresser.  

Favorite Items

Although new, both the vintage style car and toy box, plus the sock monkeys bring a lot of personality to the room and add a bit of "kid-ness" to the space. 


I have always had luck starting with a single element that I love and working from that - in this case it was the madras quilt and the motorcycle print.  Everything else fell into place. 

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  1. avatar Meg says:

    Love the nursery! Where is the rug from?

  2. avatar wetzelke83 says:

    Where did you find the toy box? I LOVE it!

  3. avatar Shelby says:

    II absolutely love your nursery! I would like to know where you found the vintage toy car? I’ve seen some online but they don’t as good. Thank you!

  4. avatar Shannon says:

    I absolutely love this!! I am very interested in the painting you have above the crib. Is it a pure red or does it have an orange tint to it? In the picture it looks to be more orange than red.

  5. avatar Megan says:

    This IS the inspiration for my baby boys room :) I found it and instantly fell in love with the vintage feel and there’s no cheesy theme! I’ve been having a hard time finding the right color of plaid though :( Wish I could just buy it from you lol. Thats how much i adore this room!

  6. avatar Brittany says:

    Are the tan colored walls the same as the tan on the stripes? I can’t tell if its the same or different…

  7. avatar Jen says:

    I LOVE this nursery! Would you mind sharing where you found your rug? It is too perfect! :)

  8. avatar Katie says:


    Jessica-I love this nursery too! I just received an catalog you can find the framed and unframed version at a decent price. Framed item# 8443507240A

  9. avatar Jessica says:

    Hey fantastic nursery! I love your little “Color outside the lines” artwork and was wondering where you got it? I’ve been searching everywhere for that quote and can’t find it.

    Any help would be much appreciated:)

  10. avatar Tireany says:

    Also did you use a pattern to make the crib sheets?

  11. avatar Tireany says:

    Where did you find the picture with that framing? I love the frame on that picture..

  12. avatar Lindsey says:

    Did you paint the crib? If so do you know what color you painted it?

  13. avatar Danna says:

    Hi there! I LOVE your nursery and the colors you used. I especially love the inspiration piece, we are thinking of using my hubby’s Scottish tartan (blue and green) as an inspiration for our nursery too. I have been looking all over for a sports themed activity gym and so far all I’ve seen are cutesy/pastel-y ones. May I ask where you got yours?? Thank you!

  14. avatar Larincia says:

    This is beautiful, where did you find your rug from?

  15. avatar Jen says:

    Would you mind sharing where you got the red toy box? Thanks!

  16. avatar Victoria Nelutescu says:

    Hi. I would like to know if the artwork above his crib is heavy? If yes, how did you screw it in so it doesn’t fall. I have a heavy one I would like to hang above my baby’s crib, but scared it’ll fall :/
    Please help!

  17. avatar Tiffany says:

    Love this! Super cute! Where oh where did you get the rug?

  18. avatar amidewar says:

    The big letters are from restoration hardware, I love their new line for baby and kids

  19. avatar mommnit says:

    Love, love this nursery. Could you share where you got the big letters?

  20. avatar HeatherPulliam says:

    I was so excited when I saw you nursery. I envisioned these colors with a sock monkey theme. I questioned what size quilt you used for the bumper… I am EXCITED to say that PBK is carrying this print in a crib set this fall. I can’t wait to order the bumper and skirt. I may submit pics on here when I am finished.

  21. avatar HeatherPulliam says:

    I was so excited when I saw you nursery. I envisioned these colors with a sock monkey theme. I questioned what size quilt you used for the bumper… I am EXCITED to say that PBK is carrying this print in a crib set this fall. I can’t wait to order the bumper and skirt. I may submit pics on here when I am finished.

  22. avatar amidewar says:

    Thanks! The crib sheet I actually had made, two of them, from a pottery barn kids twin duvet, I am sure you can find the fabric somewhere and pull it off cheaper, I just knew that was the right red and style, with the stars, that I wanted.  The bed skirt was also custom made out of brown ticking stripe fabric.  I found the seamstress on Etsy if you look up custom crib bedding, most, I imagine will take your fabric and create what you need.

  23. avatar kandiewalker says:

    where did you get the crib sheet and skirt? i think this is the best boy’s room i have ever seen! thanks for sharing. i love red and brown together.

  24. avatar amidewar says:

    The paint colors are as follows:

    The white (or ivory stripe) is by Behr and called “White Chocolate”

    The Tan walls were a custom match and it was mixed using Behr Ultra Pure White as the base and the formula was:

    Red Oxide 00 02 1

    Yellow Oxide 01 27 1

    Lamp Black 00 13 1

    I hope that’s what you need in order to match the colors.  Let me know if there is other information that should be on the label that you need.

  25. avatar amidewar says:

    The quilt was a twin.  And there was a bit left over to use as a small quilt (over the back of the chair right now).  The bumper was 16 inches tall too.

  26. avatar HeatherPulliam says:

    What size quilt did you use to make the bumper?

  27. avatar Kbeerman says:

    Yes, please if you don’t mind I would love to have the paint color and the brand of paint.  Thank you!

  28. avatar amidewar says:

    Both the stripe and the wall color were custom color matches, the stripe was intended to match the off white of the crib and the room color was matched to some bedding I previously had in the room (prior to it being used as a nursery).  I can certainly give you the specs off the can if you would like to match it.

  29. avatar Kbeerman says:

    I love your nursery!  What is the paint color of the stripe wall and the beige wall!  Great designing!  

  30. avatar 12andcounting says:

    You just proved that neutrals are not boring colors for a room as many people think. I really like the pops of red to break the dryness of the neutral shades.  And oh, your crib is absolutely adorable!

  31. avatar ana&baby says:

    There is so much I love about this room; the colors are great, the name block is cool, repurposing of so many objects is awesome. This room is a room that he will be able to grow with. Love it! 

  32. avatar amidewar says:

    It’s from restoration hardware.

  33. avatar mdehonney says:

    very cute!  where did you get the laundry basket?!

  34. avatar ericalina says:

    lovely! i wish this-end-up was still in business.

  35. avatar cateylovespierre says:

    Love the vintage-style touches! This room feels totally unique and it’s definately a room that Connor will be able to grow into. Well done.