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Colorful Flowers Baby Nursery


The overall decor comes from a variety of sources; both hand crafted objects as well as purchased. This project was a day by day experiment but I'm quite happy with the end results. The wall mural is hand-painted acrylic and was quite the lengthy project but I wanted to incorporate a very real and personal touch to the room. What better than my very own mural.

Design Inspiration

I suppose my initial inspiration came from Dr. Seus's colors and flower art, but through out the process I found that softer pastel colors were far more soothing and calming.

Decorating Style

This room is best described as fun, colorful, warm and most importantly childish.

Project Details

The dollar store believe it or not was a perfect place for simple hand crafted projects. The bird houses were touched up with a bit of paint, the  pink flowers were made and the letters for Avelyn were also purchased there. Great for DIY projects.

Favorite Items

The wall mural of course.


A forewarning, the process for the mural was very time consuming. One perk though, I had plenty of free time while on Maternity leave. Always draw a template to get a general idea. I used tape to keep lines clean and lightly sketched design with pencil. Also acrylic paint is probably best for wall murals