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Colorful Dinosaur Party for Our Three-Year-Old Twins


We threw a birthday party for our three-year-old boy/girl twins at our home in June. We had food and drinks inside and a huge "castle" made out of cardboard boxes outside for the kids. The party was very casual and unstructured; people went in and out as they pleased, we opened presents at one point and then let all of the kids play with all of the toys, and we had a bunch of cupcakes (that people ate whenever they wanted) instead of a formal cake.

Design Inspiration

Our twins are obsessed with dinosaurs. End of story.

Decorating Style

I wanted a party that was very colorful, laid back, and fun. We used balloons, streamers, photos, and brightly-colored table cloths to make each room in our house stimulating to little three-year-old minds. We bought several groupings of dinosaur figurines and placed them on tables through out the house. We also put our twins in play clothes (instead of dressy clothes) and we made sure that their shirts had dinosaurs on them.

Favorite Items

-My absolute fav decor at the party had to be my daughter's dinosaur shirt. I bought an iron-on transfer from Etsy and put it on a plain teal shirt. After pairing it with a fun bright fuchsia skirt (from Target), I knew it was perfect for her party.

-I also really loved the photo garland on our fireplace. I choose some of my favorite twin pictures to print and then I clipped them to a ribbon with little blue clothes pins and then I hung the photo garland along the fireplace. People liked looking at all of the silly pictures of our twins.