Color-Themed Birthday Party

  • Color-Themed Birthday Party
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Our kids have birthdays very close together so we threw them a joint party with a color theme! This was the perfect gender-neutral theme for our 2-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son!

We served fruits and vegetables in every color of the rainbow along with other colorful foods. The kids and adults enjoyed playing games like rainbow bingo with fruit loops.

I enjoyed all of the DIY projects for this party including the giant crayon backdrop for the food table that I created with my Cricut and streamers. I also created the Twizzler party favors to look like boxes of colored pencils along with the cake toppers, banners, windmills and rainbow bingo game. I love making my kids their birthday outfits, so I made my daughter a colorful party dress and my son a crayon-themed T-shirt. For gifts, we gave our kids art smocks I made using their own artwork. The party was bright, colorful, and cheerful and our kids and family loved it :)

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