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Cole’s “A is for Airplane” Nursery


When I found out I was having a boy I was very excited for two reasons.  One reason is because I love little boys and the other reason was because we weren't going to have to repaint our navy blue room!  I wanted the room to have lots of color and I loved the ideas of the ABC's and some airplanes because my husband wants to be a pilot.  I had such a blast decorating and did most of it myself or had family help out to keep the costs down.  It is such a happy room and most of the decorations will grow up with him for several years to come.

Design Inspiration

I looked to project nursery for alot of my ideas.  I loved all of the ABC walls that I saw and knew I had to do my own version.  I really like the chevron pattern and tried to put it in the room in big and small ways.  I love Americana colors and want most of the room to reflect that. 

Decorating Style

This room is very different from the rest of my house but I really like the colors and patterns in the room.  I wanted it to be a mix of everything fun so that he would have a lot to look at!

Project Details


Diaper Box:

ABC Wall:  I got these letters from all of the craft stores.  The big letters were from JoAnn's Fabrics.  My advice is to keep most of the letters solid so that the wall won't be way too busy.

Book Shelves:  Dane's uncle made these shelves from a tutorial on pinterest.

Lamp Shade:  I made this shade and put the tutorial on my blog.


Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room would probably have to be the ABC wall and curtains.  The ABC wall took me forever to make so I'm very attached to it!  The curtains were my splurge but they are so cool and will grow up with him.


Use sites like project nursery and pinterest to get ideas but don't feel like you have to match them exactly.  Take all of your favorites and put them together to create your own unique room that will be fun for you and your child.  I would also say to keep some of the big pieces gender neutral in case you want to use them again later.  Check out my blog for more DIY ideas!


Wednesday 25th of February 2015

I just picked up "A is for Abigail" from the library yesterday! It popped right out of the picture at me. I don't think my boyfriend's 2 year old daughter loves it as much as I do yet but she has time! And way to go! I love that you are teaching women's history to your little boy. Why not?


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

Beautiful nursery! Can you tell me where you got the crib?