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Lucah’s Coastal Inspired Nursery


This is the coastal inspired nursery I did last year for my newborn son. I love calming blues and greys and everything beach inspired.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by blue grasscloth wall paper

Decorating Style

Classic, timeless elegance in my home and classic fun for my kids spaces

Favorite Items

My favorite items were the artwork over the crib and the crib

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  1. avatar Arial says:

    Hello! I love this theme! I would love to know where the bedding and crib came from. Thank you!

  2. avatar Shannon says:

    Tracey – Can you provide specific color names on the bedding from Did you design your own on their website? Colors in photo look aqua and taupe, but if I’m reading comments correctly it’s mist and grey? Any specifics you can provide on what and how to order a similar color coordinated chevron would be greatly appreciated

  3. avatar Sandi says:

    Love The room! Where did you get that crib?!

  4. avatar Ashley says:

    Tracey, what color is the solid blue in the bedding called?

  5. avatar Liz says:

    Where can I find that crib??

  6. avatar Shawna says:

    Ok thank you very much. That answered everything I think I had. Does the crib match the wall art (like same color wood)? In the picture it looks like it’s almost a match. Sorry no where around me to see the crib so I would be order blind lol

  7. avatar Tracey Power says:

    Hi ,
    Sorry if I don’t get back right away I don’t always check on the site to see there is comments. The Crib is weathered grey and the bed linens are mist and grey. One photo it does look taupe that was taken by my photographer but it is mist and grey actually. The dresser os also Franklin and Ben same line.
    Thank you!

  8. avatar Shawna Murdock says:

    Hi I absolutely love this room. I have found everything online for the most part. But… what color is the crib you purchased? There is two colors that look close to the one in the picture. Also I have found the bedding on the site you said but your colors look like mist and tan and the site only sells mist and grey. Are your sheets tan or grey with the mist color. Thank you!!

  9. avatar Sophie says:

    Amazing. Is the color greystone or weathered grey ?? They’re so close it’s hard to tell

  10. avatar Rachel says:

    Where is the dresser from?

  11. avatar Tracey Power says:

    The crib is from Franklin and Ben and its more a warm weathered grey

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  13. avatar Shannon says:

    What color is the crib?! So beautiful!! Grey stone or weathered grey?

  14. avatar Amy says:

    Where is the crib from? I’d really love to know!

  15. avatar Lindsay says:

    Where is that rocking chair from? Love it!

  16. avatar Nicole says:

    Is the crib Rustic Brown or Weathered Gray?

  17. avatar Rachel says:

    Gorgeous!!! Where did you get the crib and dresser and mirror from?

  18. avatar Rachael says:

    Hi, I love the nursery. Where is the crib from? I’m in love with it Thank you!

  19. avatar Tracey says:

    I belive so but you can contact Phillip Jeffries through the website or call and they should be able to tell you a name of a local retail location that you could order though.

  20. avatar Summer says:

    Hi, do you have to be a contractor or company to order the wallpaper?

  21. avatar Tracey says:

    Its wide plank laminate I’m not sure of the name sorry

  22. avatar Tracey says:

    The wallpaper is Phillip Jeffries Grasscloth- Bermuda Hemp 5252

  23. avatar Tracey says:

    Hi the art is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

  24. avatar Tracey says:

    Sorry for getting back so late the bedding is from I just did the custom bedding option. Then I ordered the fabric and had the drapes custom made by my mother in-law to match the room.

  25. avatar Tracey says:

    The art is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child

  26. avatar Kristin says:

    Yes! I would like to know where the artwork is from!!! I am going to order the crib as well! I am doing this for nursery! =)

  27. avatar Kkh says:

    Yes, I would also like to know where the bedding was ordered from. Or at least the design name? Thanks!

  28. avatar Niki says:

    Where did you get the wall paper from and what is it called?

  29. avatar Charlotte Malinko Newton says:

    The artwork is beautiful….Where did it come from??

  30. avatar Chris says:

    Gorgeous! What kind of flooring do you have?

  31. avatar Miriam says:

    Where is the bedding set/curtains from? Love them

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  33. avatar Tracey says:

    It’s Franklin & Ben- Mason Crib. I purchased from West Coast Kids here in alberta but you can purchase this brand from many stores:)

  34. avatar Katy says:

    Where is the crib from?

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  36. avatar Tracey says:

    Thank you I will check it out.

  37. avatar Tiffanie says:

    Beautiful nursery. You should submit this to my other favorite blog, House of Turquoise.

  38. avatar Jan says:

    Beautiful! Love the wallpaper and the window treatments. So serene and calm!