Classy Coastal Nursery

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Although we live in Upstate New York, my husband is from San Diego and I wanted to pay homage to his hometown and a beloved activity of his: surfing. I didn't want to go overboard with the theme and be too beachy or nautical, since I want this room to grow with my baby boy. The result was "classy coastal". There are some beachy elements and some nautical elements. I love to play around with patterns and textures so you can see that throughout this room. The first two things I chose that inspired the whole nursery were the Serena and Lily wallpaper, and the surf car print from Minted. I hope you love looking at these photos even half as much as I loved creating it!


*All photos taken by Michelle Lange Photography

**I've tried to link all items below but some were not available online


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    Hello!! I absolutely love this nursery! It’s really funny bc my husband and I are NY transplants living In Carlsbad, CA! Anyways I am having my first, a boy, in May and am hoping to try to recreate a version of the dresser. I saw you used an ikea dresser…was there a specific changing pad you bought that fit the IKEA dresser? Thanks so much!

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    Jessica, Samantha, and Gina I’m so sorry I am just now seeing these and responding!

    Jessica- small world! My in laws live in Carlsbad and we were just there for 2.5 weeks escaping the winter ;). We bought an organic changing pad from Pottery Barn Kids and it fits great! I think the dresser will fit any standard changing pad.

    Samantha- thanks! It’s “agreeable gray” from Sherwin WIlliams, but I had them do 75% of the color because I wanted it slightly lighter.

    Gina- I used a mix of a couple different Annie Sloan paints until I found the perfect mix. It was a lot of trial and error and if you look close you can probably see the imperfections because I had to recreate the perfect balance of colors two or three times and definitely didn’t get it spot on.

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    Ok thanks Emily! The graphite is a black and the Napoleon blue is a bright blue, is that correct? Thank you so much for helping me! This is my first baby and I’m really excited!

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    Hi Emily – thanks so much for the tip on the Annie Sloane chalk paint. I love my dresser!! Another quick question – where did you get the blue plant pot?

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