Claire’s Birdy Nursery

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This is a nursery for my second born Claire. Pops of hot pink, orange, green, and blue made this room a lot of fun to put together.


Design Inspiration

I love birds. I also love bright colors. After relentlessly reading design blog after design blog, I took a little from a couple of different blogs and pictures I had seen and put it all together to create this birdy room.

Decorating Style

I think  my decorating style is modern. I love clean lines and bright colors.

Project Details

I had my bedding made by Sweetdreamsbedding on etsy, and made the mobile over the changing table myself. I found the changing table at a going out of business sale and switched out the knobs on it to have it reflect my own funky style. I have textured walls, so I had a friend paint the trees and birds for the mural. The crib, dresser, and bookshelf are all from ikea.

Favorite Items

My favorite thing in the room is the bedding. but a close second would be the mural or the mobile.



My advice would be to go with whatever you want, even if people don't understand your vision until it is all put together. I received a lot of questions about the color scheme, and had to defend it quite regularly.


  1. 1

    is this the final “product”? it looks a really minimalist space. lots of space to crawl on when the time comes.

  2. 2

    The babies room doesn’t need to be jam packed with stuff. I think it is really pretty! I really like your idea of blue stripe and wall decall…looks great!

  3. 3

    I thought this room wasn’t done yet because it looks too bare. But I’m not saying that’s an entirely bad thing. The older the baby gets, the more stuff you’d accumulate, so it’s really a good thing too. That means there’s so much space for all the mementos you’d be collecting as time goes by.

  4. 4

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