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Choo!! Choo!! Jasper is 2!!!


Choo!  Choo!  Jasper is 2!  Jasper's 2nd birthday party!

Design Inspiration

Jasper loves Thomas and Friends, but I didn't want to have a "Thomas" themed party!  I used the red and blue color scheme and trains!  we live near Casey Jones Village so we went there and took pics for the invitations!

Decorating Style

Homemade and budget friendly!

Project Details

I bought most of the decor stuff from Dollar Tree like the baskets, cupcake stands (bowls), and train track (shelf liner and duct tape).  I made the poster at (love)!  I had the burlap for the table cloth and I used plastic one from Dollar Tree to go under the burlap.  I made the labels for the train cars and the food cards on my computer.  I also made the RxR sign for the door.  I ordered the cupcake liners and Thomas toppers on Amazon (disappointed in liners they are supposed to be polka dots but once cupcakes were baked yo can't see them vey well)!  My mom and I made all the food desserts and entrees!  I drew the train on the chalkboard wall and it didn't turn out exactly as planned because I am a HUGE procrastinator and I waited until 30 minutes before the party to do it!

Favorite Items

I am not good at picking one favorite!  I loved it all!  I love the color scheme!  I really love the dessert train and the RxR cookies and the RxR sign for the door! The poster is cool because it is still hanging up so it is something that we can keep using!!  The party turned out great everyone thought it was great!


Have fun!!!  

Frauline Melfi

Monday 7th of May 2012

The photo of Jasper and the train is just too adorable for words! And I think it's also great that you didn't really stick with the Thomas the Engine theme.