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Chloe’s Room


This is Chloe's Nursery. It is a mix of whimsy and sophistication. We included items that could easily mix in with the rest of the home once she has her own opinion. Also, many of the items could easily be transitioned or repurposed as she grows. Our biggest issue was the original closet. Our home is 60+ years old and the closets were big but awkward. We expanded the opening from 30" to 80" in order to create her closet/dresser/changing station. This area has not only opened the space up, but has become a functional and fun space for the whole family. Our two month old is fascinated by the trees and butterflies and we have everything within arms reach to get her ready.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for the project came from the Birch Tree wallcovering.  This whimsical yet sophisticated wallpaper provides the perfect canvas for a blooming imagination. We kept the general color palette neutral.  The walls are a grey with a hint of lavender and all the textiles are black, white, dark brown with pops of teal.  This provides a clean backdrop for the other elements that will be added throughout the years.  Our goal was to create a non typical feminine room.

Decorating Style

Contemporary with a nod to classic elements.  

Project Details

Paint - Sherwin Williams: Individual White

Crib - Giggle: Jenny Lind

Bedding - Oilo Studio

Ottoman - Zid Zid Kids

Wallcovering - Cole and Sons

Butterflies - The Land of Nod

Area Rug - FLOR

Artwork - Z Gallerie

Shelf/Mirror - IKEA 

Silver Butterflies - Umbra

Favorite Items

The closet as a whole because it is beautiful to look at and extremely functional for us as a family.  I can see this later turning into a desk/vanity area.  Also, the modern bedding from Oilo Studio.  It is neither expected or overtly girly and our little one will entertain herself with the graphic patterns on the bumper.


Stick with a simple palette and build from there.  Spend your money on the items that can grow with the child or transition to other areas of the home.  Incorporate the more whimsical items with less expensive pieces.


Friday 24th of September 2010

The chair and artwork behind it are my favs.


Saturday 18th of September 2010

Fabulous room :) I really like what you did to the closet and transforming it into the changing station. I love the trees and butterflies.  Everything else, however, really complements that space.  I love the butterflies too!


Tuesday 14th of September 2010

Thanks!  The chair was actually a custom made gift from a commercial furniture company I use a lot at work.  I love it too!  Definitely not your typical glider.


Monday 13th of September 2010

I love that chair!  Where did you get it?


Monday 13th of September 2010

Love the closet modification!  We have a VERY similar setup (our house is old, too), so we may copy your idea!