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Chloe’s Room


A little girls pink room!!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was Claire's room from Project nursery

Decorating Style

I have a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary traditional.

Project Details

The wallpaper was inspired from Claire's room on project nursery. I purchased it through Graham and Brown and is identical to the inspiration room. Other favorite pieces in the room are the glider which was a little castle glider purchased at USA Baby and the Pink Ottoman from Target. The curtains were also inspired by Claire's room and are from Bed Bath and Beyond but the clip on the tie backs I found at Black and White the clothing store. It is a brooch that I attached to the tie backs which I had made. 

Favorite Items

The bedding is one of my favorite items and is custom made. The trinkets come from discount stores. I also love the chandelier which I found at Lamps Plus! 


Find an inspiration room and have fun shopping at discount stores like Marshalls, and Home Goods!!

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  1. avatar Diana says:

    The crib bedding and changing pad cover were made. Found fabric at Hancock fabrics. I don’t this wallpaper is available anymore.

  2. avatar Leslie says:

    what local fabric store was it?

  3. avatar leah says:

    I love this room! Where can I can that wall art that says such a big miracle in such a little girl?

  4. avatar Natalie says:


    I could not find it either…I found one that was very similar but it was expensive $70 a roll!!!! I got samples and ended up getting this wallpaper…

  5. avatar Monika says:


    Thanks Natalie. I can not find the wallpaper in the united states. Could you help.

  6. avatar Natalie says:

    This is my inspiration room as well…I did not know what color gray this was so I got some samples and settled on a gray called Metropolis by Valspar. I got the paint from Lowes…I got it in High semi-gloss finish.

  7. avatar Monika says:

    Loved the room. Can you please tell me which shade of grey did you use. I’ve been looking for this shade but couldn’t find it. Thanks

  8. avatar whitley says:

    Hi. i was just wondering where you got your fabric at??? I love it and cant find nothing like it in iowa

  9. avatar Andrea says:

    I love this room! I was wondering where you got the table lamp from?

  10. avatar nathalie says:

    i love the crib bedding where can i get something like that?

  11. avatar Debbie says:

    Anyone know the paint color?

  12. avatar Debbie says:


    Hi heather were you able to find out what the paint color is?

  13. avatar ellesag08 says:

    claire’s room is where i found inspiration for my lil one too love love the custom bedding i got one too but in black hot pink white and gray

  14. avatar laya043 says:

    Where did you get the furniture from? I love the crib and the piece you used for the changing table!!

  15. avatar Heather says:

    I have been looking at paint samples for gray and pink I love these two what are they called and where did you get them all the grays I find are not like that gray . I love it :)

  16. avatar jbell says:

    This is the exact kind of room I envisioned for my baby girl due in early October!  Can you please tell me what brand and color of paint you used?

  17. avatar Shaylinrose says:

    Love all the pink! I want all the bedding and changing pad along with the accents to be the bright pink like your changing pad cover! I’m having a hard time finding that color. Could you please tell me where you bought the changing pad cover? Thank you!

  18. avatar Lopes says:

    I love this room, i will have to have you help me when i have babies hehe

  19. avatar staceyschoelich says:

    LOVE this room!!! Where did you get the furniture? The big piece against the grey wall that you are using as a changing table is amazing!

  20. avatar 4sevenz says:

    I adore this room, pink is my fav color and this room  is everything i imagined for my little princess… thanx for all the inspiration… and im taking this as a sign since i had already decided on the name Chloe… she’s precious!  

  21. avatar Born2Fly says:

    I love this room.  It has inspired me to go chic while still making it a nursery.  I hope our nursery turns out as nice as this. 

  22. avatar admin says:

    I love it! love the color and the overall feel.

  23. avatar Recreate says:

    Like you, I (and many others, I guess) have found my inspiration in PN.  Glad this worked out well for you.  It’s such a lovely room!

  24. avatar Lhasse says:

    Love the room! Where is the mirror from? Thanks for sharing!

  25. avatar 1stylishmommy says:

    I am in LOVE with this look! It’s now my inspiration for my daughter’s new girly “big girl” room. She’s grown tired of the gender neutral nursery and this is completely girly with the style that mommy requires. Can you please tell me the color of paint you used? I love the look with the pink. It’s just the right balance of grey and brown…at least on my screen:) Instead of a crib, I’ll be constructing the Lydia daybed from plans at You should check her out if you haven’t. OMG the inspiration. Thanks for sharing your great room!

  26. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Pink with a touch of black!!! I love this!  Goth chic that is very girly :)  Where did you get that fab lamp?

  27. avatar diana0982 says:

    Jliana10 I got the letters above her crib from our local JoAnns Fabric store. They were white and I spray painted them black. Then added some acrylic black stones to them. Not sure if you can see the stones but they are the same stones that are on the letter on the bow holder. :) My husband put a staple in the back so that there is something for a nail to hold onto!! :) 

  28. avatar Jliana10 says:

    I love the room. It’s really beautiful. I’d like to know where you got the letters to spell out her name above the crib. I’ve been looking for something similar for our nursery for our daughter. Any guidance would be helpful! Thanks.

  29. avatar lola88 says:

    What a beautiful room for a beautiful baby girl.

  30. avatar diana0982 says:


    Thank you for choosing my room as “Project of the Week!” I’m in love with it and it’s a great honor. My mom and I love to decorate and design together and this is such a great website for inspiration of all sorts! :)

  31. avatar diana0982 says:

    Thank you and I’m happy to be an inspiration! The bedding was created by a local seamstress and I shopped for the material myself from our local fabric store. I then got pictures off of the internet of different bedding styles that I liked and took the pictures to her. Unfortunately she did this for me as a favor. My advice would be if you want it completely custom is to find a good seamstress near you and have fun shopping for fabric. Although fun it can be difficult, I took my mom with me who has a wonderful eye and great taste. As for the bow holder it was made by my cousin also as a favor. I would suggest shopping on That is a great place to find custom made items such as a bow holder. You could even show the picture of my bow holder to some sellers on etsy to see if they can recreate it!! Have fun!! 

  32. avatar LaurynsMom says:

    I absolutely love this room and would like to do something similar for my baby girl in a different color scheme (I’m thinking lilac and silver). This has become my inspiration room! Could you please refer me to whomever designed/created her custom bedding and her hair bow holder?

  33. avatar LaurynsMom says:

    I absolutely love this room and would like to do something similar for my baby girl in a different color scheme (I’m thinking lilac and silver). This has become my inspiration room! Could you please refer me to whomever designed/created her custom bedding and her hair bow holder?

  34. avatar Melisa says:

    We were looking for a great pink room to feature this week as “Project Of The Week”! The nursery looks fabulous and we are so thrilled you found inspiration here on PN!