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Chloe’s Nursery


I am having a little girl and couldn't wait to start on her nursery as soon as I found out the sex! I love girly stuff, but didn't want to do the traditional pinks and purples, so I went with Tiffany Blue with white and pink accents.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was a picture in Pottery Barn's magazine with the CocoDot nursery bedding and tiffany blue walls.

Decorating Style


Favorite Items

My favorite thing in the room is probably the wall decal.


Get a color palette and stick with those colors.

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  1. avatar Vanessa says:

    What brand and color did you find to give you the Tiffany blue?

  2. avatar Dannielle says:

    Hi, who did you purchase the wall decal on etsy from? I was looking to do the exact same thing! They sell the flowers like you used at walmart, so I’ve been looking for a decal to use with them. Thanks!

  3. avatar jackiep says:

    Where did you buy the paint and what was the name of the color?

  4. what is the name of that crib? my daughter has the same one and i need a name so i can order the toddler rails for it. i can’t find it on the website and it’s not in the store anymore.

  5. avatar Kayla says:

    This is the most adorable nursery I have ever seen!! I love everything about it!

  6. avatar MGS2005 says:

    We used Mariner from Sherwin Williams. Can’t tell a difference.

  7. avatar MGS2005 says:

    Do you know what size the frame for the letters is?

  8. avatar KatieP says:

    Did you ever find out what the paint color is??

  9. avatar Sindy says:

    This is really a great looking room! where you ever able to find the color paint you used?

  10. avatar Cindy says:

    Can you please tell what the paint color name & brand is?  Love it!  Thanks!

  11. avatar Lisa says:

    LOVE the color combo! Can you tell me the brand of paint and color name please for both the pink and the blue? Thanks so much! I am following you now on Pinterest…LOVE it!

  12. avatar Emily says:

    Where did you buy the chair from?

  13. avatar LC says:

    Any update on the paint color?

  14. avatar Jodi Kissel says:

    Thanks everyone! For the frame with the letters, I had my dad cut a piece of plywood the size of the frame, used a staplegun to staple the fabric to it, then put little tiny nails into the plywood to hang the letters from. Afterwards, I went back and used a hot glue gun to secure the letters more so they wouldn’t fall off!

    The changing table was one I bought from my mother-in-laws co-worker, sorry – i don’t know where it’s from!

    I will get back to you all on the paint color! It’s been hidden away since we painted it and I can’t find the bucket!

    Laney- I understand what you are talking about, we now have the crib on a diag. to keep her little hands from grabbing anything. We also used hooks to keep the cords wrapped up higher. Thanks for looking out, though!

  15. avatar Jennifer says:

    I also love the paint color. Hopefully you can tell us all what brand and color the paint is!

  16. avatar Jennifer says:

    Could you please tell us the brand/color of the walls. Its so beautiful! thanks!

  17. avatar Megan says:

    I too was wondering about Chloe sign. How did you get the letters to stick, and did your frame already come with a plywood backing, or did you cut your own?

  18. avatar Jennifer says:

    How did you get the wooden letters to stick to the plywood? I don’t want mine to fall off and hit my bang girl in the head! Hope to hear from you!!!

  19. avatar Star says:


    What brand and color is the paint?

  20. avatar Alexa says:

    Paint brand & color please! Beautiful!!

  21. avatar April says:

    I really Like this because I have a boy almost 2 and his is Tiffany blue White and a little tan. We think we are having a girl and will be in the same room so we want the to look good together but want PINK as I already have 5 boys. So this is perfect!!!

  22. avatar Meredith says:

    Love this! I have been looking for some ideas and love the fact that you chose Tiffany blue for the walls (huge fan of Tiffany’s myself). Can you post the brand and color? Thanks!

  23. avatar Laney says:

    That causes me a panic attack seeing that crib close to a window with blinds. Work in a ER for awhile and you will think twice!

  24. avatar Melanie says:

    Hi, I am also loving your paint color and was wondering the brand and color????

  25. avatar Starlight Juliet says:

    Great job! I love your two tiered changing table/dresser. Where did you find it?

  26. avatar Jenny King says:

    I am in love with this paint color! Do you remember the brand and the name of the shade? Thank you so much!

  27. avatar Nina says:

    I love your nursery. My 1st baby @ 31 we just founf out its a girl yesterday. I have gone to 2. Stores looking for Tiffany blue with no luck. Please send me the brand & info….please…

  28. avatar ChristinaK says:

    What is the brand and color of your paint?  I have been trying to find the perfect Tiffany Blue…

  29. avatar BabyVaters says:

    MCKARTNEY…There is no other way for me to contact you, so I hope you get this…I checked out your blogspot and your crib IS a dream crib! Where did you find it??? What brand is it?

  30. avatar BabyVaters says:

    MCKARTNEY…There is no other way for me to contact you, so I hope you get this…I checked out your blogspot and your crib IS a dream crib! Where did you find it??? What brand is it?

  31. avatar BabyVaters says:

    Love the room!

  32. avatar missStephanie4 says:

    5 stars! Pink and blue work beautifully together, as do pink and green <3

  33. avatar JodiKissel says:

    Thanks! The pillow is from Target, the pink ottoman is from Walmart, and the light fixture is from I am a total bargain shopper!

  34. avatar bluebirdkisses says:

    I love this!  Its so pretty and fresh.

  35. avatar cryslynn says:

    so cute! LOVE the colors 

  36. avatar hawahawa says:

    I love this shade of blue! I am also drooling over your white cherry blossoms and those various white frames on the wall!

  37. avatar McKartney says:

    Great wall color.  I cannot wait I’ve finished little MJ’s nursery so I can post it on this site.  I am posting my progress on my blog.

  38. avatar mplsmom says:

    Your nursery is so adorable!  Can I ask where you purchased the cute pink ottoman? 

  39. avatar happy mom says:

    Hi, great job!

    where is the light fixture from? thanks

  40. avatar happy mom says:

    Hi, great job!

    where is the light fixture from? thanks

  41. avatar happy mom says:

    Hi, great job!

    where is the ligth fixture from? thanks

  42. avatar wenbow says:

    I give it 5 stars!  What a beautiful room.  I love the teal walls and the little stuffed owl.  Where did you find that?  Also, the homemade wall hanging with Chloe’s name is very precious and she will be able to use it forever.  Well Done!  We tried for 6 years for our little miracle (boy) due 8/31, and  I’m tracking my design progress until it’s time to post my personal nursery project: