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Chicago Bears Stadium Nursery


Noah's dad is a huge Chicago Bears fan, so of course his first born son was destined to be one too! The idea behind this room is that we wanted Noah to feel like a star surrounded by a stadium of cheering fans.

Design Inspiration

The color palette was inspired by the throwback Chicago Bears apparel.

Decorating Style

I'm typically modern, but with some vintage flare.

Project Details

The crib and rocker were hand-me-down's from Noah's sister, but they are originally from Potterybarn Kids (although no longer available). The navy blue curtains and football lamp are from Target. And the GoodYear blimp was a lucky find on eBay. Everything else was DIY!

After searching the web for the perfect bedding for this room, I decided there wasn't any out there. All I could find was bedding that was heavily patterned with the team logo. I wanted something a little more subtle. So I decided to make it myself! The bedding is made out of some old team t-shirts, a navy knit material and an orange athletic mesh material. I had an extra shirt left over so I created a custom throw pillow for the rocker.

The stadium was hand painted by a good friend of mine and I created the scoreboard sign on the computer then printed it out and mounted it on foam core. We originally painted the sign, but since my walls are textured, it was hard to make the logo look as crisp as we wanted it to.

The night stand was originally a garage sale find that my great, great aunt refinished and gave to my mom. I searched several antique stores for a two tiered table just like this one, and after talking to my mom about what I was looking for, she said she had exactly what I was looking for in her bedroom!

The roller shades were inexpensive shades from Home Depot and then I added a logo decal to the bottom of each one.

The baskets on each side of the changing table are planter baskets from Lowes. I removed the plastic lining and replaced it with some left over material from the bedding.

Favorite Items

My favorite item has to be the bedding. It turned out better than I imagined it would. My next favorite has to be the blimp. It really tied the stadium idea together.


If you want to do a stadium of your own, be prepared to spend a lot of time creating the people. It took a lot longer to create all those dots than we expected. We started out hand-painting each circle, but found that it's much quicker to use the dot sponges from the craft store.

Florence Amber

Sunday 26th of August 2012

That football lamp is cute. At first glance of the cover photo, I actually thought those were popcorns you painted on the wall. No offense, it just means I am just so ignorant when it comes to the sport.