Chic Nursery with Vintage Accents

  • Chic Nursery with Vintage Accents
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The idea was to create a chic nursery with layered patterns, rich colors and crystal accents. Hot pink, turquoise, and robin's egg blue are set against a rich background of chocolate walls with ivory wood wainscoting for an elegant, classic look. Ivory furnishings and artwork were used to "pop" against the chocolate backdrop. Floor to ceiling dupioni silk draperies highlight the dramatic 10' ceiling height.

Design Inspiration

Fabulous Amy Butler fabrics with modern and vintage patterns in hot pink, turquoise, and robin's egg blue. Also wanted to incorporate an antique china cabinet by painting it ivory and filling it with whimsical toys and books.

Decorating Style

Unexpected, whimsical, chic, modern, opulent, dramatic, and inspired.

Project Details

I used a no- VOC paint from the FreshAir line. The furniture is a mix of new pieces and an antique china cabinet painted to match. The wood wainscoting adds so much contrast, richness and depth to the walls. Recommended to be completed by a professional or seasoned do-it-yourselfer, start by floating out the walls below where you want the chair rail to smooth out texture. Then add small wood moulding (purchased at Home Depot) in any pattern you like (I created squares) with a saw or router and a nailgun. Finish it off with a chair rail and paint all one color, and you have instant "wood" paneling (the trick is that it looks like expensive wood but is really smooth drywall with wood mouldings).

Favorite Items

The bedding was custom made with Amy Butler fabrics and ties all the colors in. The idea was to create a vintage layered look by mixing patterns of different scales and elements. Also the antique silver mirror with an opulent Venetian style frame adds the perfect finishing touch.


For more information, please visit Helpful tip: When planning lighting, add a dimmer to the wall switch for your overhead lighting. I used a crystal chandelier and the dimmer creates a soft, elegant glow which sets off the entire room.


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    The wainscoting with the perfect amount of brown paint and bright colors are absolutely terrific! So great that you shared! Thanks :)

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    Gorgeous use of fabric and mixing of colors. Love the blue “pops” of color throughout!

    One of the BEST nurseries I have ever laid eyes on. I’ll be contacting you very soon to create a room for my little one!

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    Love everything about your nursery! Beautiful color palette! I would love to see a picture of the armoire though. great job!

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    That is the loveliest crib bedding I’ve ever seen. Does anyone know the fabric pattern name?

  8. 8

    Who doesn’t LOVE Amy Butler fabrics? Your use of these fabrics alone make this room such a beauty.

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    Sorry if I don’t go gaga over the Amy Butlers. My absolute favorite has to be the vintage mirror. :-)

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    Very pretty colors you used. I love how feminine it is, without going overboard and making it too girly-girl.

  12. 12

    Great room!  I love how you’ve put together all the elements here and still be able to pull it off!

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    I love the colors! If I had a girl this is what I would try to replicate!! =) But I got 2 boys!! =)

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    Thanks Jess! The paint is from Freshaire paints, available at Home Depot. The color is Sacred Soil, FA055. It is a no-VOC eco friendly paint line. Good luck with your painting project!

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    Darling room! Who is the manufacturer of your glider? I am looking for one just like this.

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    Darling room! Who is the manufacturer of your glider? I am looking for one just like this.

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    What is the fabric pattern name? I love it but couldn’t find it on the Amy Butler website.

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    The fabrics are in the Amy Butler Belle collection in the color pallette called Full Bloom. Good luck!!

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    LOVE this room-

    do you also by chance know/remember the wainscotting paint color? it’s the perfect cream/white.

    thank you in advance

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    Loving all of the Amy Butler fabrics!!! What a great use of color!!!! Love your vintage/unique style!

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    Lilli Design,

    Thanks for posting the color!!!! I have been looking for just such a color. Every time I get the color on the walls, it looks like a brownish-pepto bismal! Thanks for saving me. :) Love, love, LOVE this room. Found it on Pinterest.

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    I love this room! Beautiful!!! I have been putting together my daughter’s big girl room with many of the same colors minus the crib, of course. I have been having a tough time finding the right fabric for the curtains. Some too thick, too light pink, etc. Would you possibly mind leading me in the right direction for the fabric you used? Thanks so much!

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    I Love the Amy Butler Fabric!! Is there a website that you know of that i can order the fabric from?!

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