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Chase’s Urban Cabin Nursery


When we started designing Chase's nursery, our main theme was "moose".  We wanted it to feel cozy and have cabin elements without being too "hunting/fishing"-y.  We incorporated lots of masculine touches with dark metal finishes on shelves, fixtures and even the crib itself.  I used a plaid burlap fabric with red and brown hues for the valances, wall art, and accent pillows to warm up the space.  Finally we found this amazing rustic wood dresser and nightstand that also added warmth but tied in with the metals through the knobs.  #rustic #industrial #urban #cabin #plaid

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  1. avatar Samantha says:

    What size mattress is on this crib?

  2. avatar Kristen says:

    If you have any more design questions around this post, pop over to my blog or Instagram @notesofcharm :). Thanks for all your support!

  3. avatar Kristen says:

    We used picture frame wire and attached it to a screw, then wrapped it around the branch a bunch of times. I did one on each side :)

  4. avatar Tunise says:

    What did you use to hang the branch with his name?

  5. avatar Kristen says:

    I made the valances. The plaid fabric is actually burlap and I ordered it on Etsy. I had to staple it (and padding) to really thin wood because cardboard wasn’t strong enough to hold it! Trial and error. ;)

  6. avatar Katie Maloney says:

    Did you build or buy the plaid window treatments? Thanks!

  7. avatar Kristen says:

    Dresser is PB kids weathered gray. The crib is Pali Modena is in graphite (I think that’s what it’s called)

  8. avatar Kelcey says:

    What color is the dresser? Weathered gray or washed taupe? Are the dresser and crib the same color?

  9. avatar Kristen says:

    Locker is from Hobby Lobby

  10. avatar Katie says:

    Where did you get the locker?

  11. avatar Kristen says:

    The wall color is Stone Lake by Kelly Moore. We recently moved and used the same color paint because we liked it so much :)

  12. avatar Felisha says:

    What is the name/brand of the wall color? Thanks! Love this nursery

  13. avatar Kristen says:

    It actually is the Granite… I think when we got it, it was the only option available. It does tend to look like an oaky wood in pictures but is definitely a dark gray.

  14. avatar Nancy says:

    What color is the crib cause the granite looks too dark to be the awesome color you got ?

  15. avatar Kristen says:

    We actually used picture frame wire attached to a screw in the wall, and I wrapped it around the branch a bunch and it held. I did one on each side. :)

  16. avatar Emily Owens says:

    I was wondering how you attached the stick to the wall? Thank you!

  17. avatar Kristen says:

    Thanks!!! I like it too ?

  18. avatar Courtney Staggs says:

    Thanks great to know! I love how it looks vs when people remove the bark and stain/seal it ?

  19. avatar Kristen says:

    Dresser is from pottery barn kids.

    The branch is from a tree outside! I didn’t do anything to it to ensure staying power ? I probably should have but it’s held up great so far!

  20. avatar Courtney Staggs says:

    Is the stick his name hangs from a stick from outside? If so how did you get it to last? Thanks ?

  21. avatar Sabrina says:

    Where did you get the dresser?

  22. avatar Kristen says:

    Hi there! The crib was from Buy Buy Baby. The brand is Pali and the crib is called Modena :)

  23. avatar Nikki Oheb says:


    Where did you get that beautiful crib?!