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Charlotte’s Backyard Strawberry Picnic Party


I have loved planning parties for my children ever since I became a mother three years ago!  For some reason, when I was trying to come up with my daughter's third birthday party I was completely lacking inspiration, until very randomly, my husband suggested that we try a "picnic party.... with strawberries?"  After a thorough search of Pinterest, I was so excited to pursue his idea!

One of the greatest resources I have discovered this year is a Facebook group for local crafters (called Crafted in St. Louis) where I have sourced many craft projects which, left to me, would surely have turned into expensive "Pinterest Fails!"   The talented and reasonably priced members of this group have made all of my slightly extravagant craft ideas both attainable and affordable!  I highly recommend searching for a similar group in your area!

Most of the decor we used, other than what was created by the crafters, were pieces from our house.  I loved having such a special party in our own back yard because it really made a sweet memory we can cherish from our own home.  Something we did a little differently for this party was to have guests bring canned goods to "fill up Charlotte's picnic basket" for a local food drive instead of gifts!