Charlie’s Pink and Orange Modern Nursery

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When we found out we were having a girl, I knew I didn't want a super feminine room. I'm a big fan of modern design and "frilly" isn't my style.  I liked the idea of including a lot of color in her room, so I chose to focus on orange, pink and red. My mom and I DIY'd almost everything in the room - it was a labor of love and I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

Design Inspiration

Of course the pom-pom thing was inspired by a post on Ohdeedoh. It bothers me a little that it's really popular, but there's a reason - they're awesome! I used leftover lanterns from our wedding ceremony and a hanging lightbulb from Ikea to turn it into a light installation.

Decorating Style

Modern and fun

Project Details

Favorite Items

The wish tree print, which my husband and I customized with our wishes for our kids. :)


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    Very lovely room. I also think pompoms are overused as decorative items, but I like how you did yours. I also like the colors. I have to commend you on the DIY pouf. It really looks like something we’d buy at furniture stores. And it’s really great that a lot of the decorative elements here are DIY. They really don’t like DIY projects at all.

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    What an amazing job! Every inch of that bedroom has characte and I love how unisex it is – orange is a cheery color but I have to admit the custom covered glider is my favorite! Nice work!

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    Love this nursery because it was for my granddaughter and it was so much fun to have a part (sewing) in making it happen. Sara has great ideas.

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