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Catching the big ONE


My little surfer all began with a luau baby shower, he had a surfer boy themed room and for his first birthday, OF COURSE, a Surfer Boy Party! :)

Design Inspiration

He has always been my little surfer boy! 

Decorating Style

Fun, homemade, easy, creative. I try to find something I really like and then go from there - without getting sidetracked, which is hard!

Project Details

I found an invitation I loved and then worked from it, from the colors to the surfboards and tried hard not to get swept into too much Luau. I had been saving boxes so that I could make things. I used a box to paint the surfboard back drop so that it would look like surfboards were standing up on the wall. I also made the corndog holder with styrophome and "waves". I tried to make all the food items easy for kids too - so I (staying with the colors) put everything into containers the kids could run around with. The "surfing" was the slip-n-slide which was a big hit! Once the bigger kids were done "surfing" then the babies could sit and play in the water. It was fun! I laid fishnets over the brightly colored tables and we had the Beach Boys playing the background. :)


TomKat blog of course! Buttercream Cupcakes in Miami are the best in the world. 

Favorite Items

My favorite was probably the surfboard backdrop for the food table. I thought that was really cool and really gave the party the punch that really displayed the theme, kinda tied it all together. 


Streamline...stay focused on the theme look you want and without looking too busy. There is so much out there for beach, luau, pool, etc its hard to stay true to the idea! At least it was for much cute stuff! :)


Sunday 4th of May 2014

Thanks for all the great ideas! Where did you get the invitations?


Thursday 26th of May 2011

I LOVE the DIY surf boards as the backdrop!!! I am doing a 'retro' surf themed 1st birthday this summer at the beach (also with the tagline 'Catch The Big 1') and was looking around for a little inspiration. Thanks for posting this! Great job!


Monday 14th of February 2011

OMG!!!! I so love this party if only because of all the kids having fun in every photo!  The colors are vivid and fun.  I really think that this would be my inspiration for my next party :) Thanks!