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Carwyn’s Tiny Sanctuary – Beach Theme Nursery


A tiny beach theme nursery for our little baby.  With a room this small, I wanted it big on style!  It's almost all DIY too!

Design Inspiration

I wanted to style the nursery off a maritime theme, but without relying on the traditional blue and red color scheme.  So to get what I wanted I landed up sewing all the fabrics for the room, minus the curtains.  In the end, it landed up as a serene and comforting place to be, but with lots for baby to look at!  But it also had to accommodate a small room, so storage and organization was essential!

Decorating Style

DIY would be the best way to describe my style.  The majority of elements in the room were made by either myself or my oldest daughter (18).

Project Details

I purchased the crib used - MDB baby style.

The crib set, as well as the quilt on the rocking chair, was sewn by myself with fabrics from spoon flower.  My son has clubfoot and wears a brace, so we needed the crib bumpers to keep him from bashing the crib up.

The whales in the crib are from winners (gift)

The shark and the anchor on the wall are from Homesense, as it the clothing hook.

The paintings on the wall were hand done by my oldest daughter as a baby gift!  She's one talented girl!

The mobile was handcrafted by me using each glass and a lighting kit from pier one.  The best part about it was that it made the perfect baby night light!

The sketches of the lighthouses were hand drawn by a colleague from Gander newfoundland.  The rocks and shells shadow boxes under them were handcrafted by me with all items from newfoundland as well.

The ceramic shark was a gift from my daughter, and was something she had done to match the room at one of those paint it yourself ceramic shops.  The blu fish that went with it was a bonbonierie my husband received at a wedding many years ago.  IT's from the Czech republic (which is where we were on vacation when my son was conceived!).

The dresser was a second hand find, and my favourite part of it is that the pulls are nautical themed...

The ikea storage unit was customized with legs and lights inside each cubby.  It is functional and also beautiful.

The curtains are from home depot and are from the martha stewart line.

The recliner is from Lazyboy.

The changer is called a little peanut.

The treasure chest was a gift from my sister that I hauled across the country as my carry on!

The lobster trap was an antique store find in winnipeg manitoba!  But it fit our maritime theme perfectly and so I had to have it!

The closet houses a custom done closet organizer (shown empty), that we adapted from a kit we purchased at home depot.

Our cloth diaper collection is held in an over the door shoe holder in the closet.

There are some unique design elements due to my son's brace/cast wearing.  The cork behind the changer keeps the wall from being beaten up by his braces/casts.  I know most people don't recommend crib pads but again this was needed to keep the crib being beaten up by either plaster or the metal of the brace!

Favorite Items

I love all the hand sewn items, and also the paintings my daughter did as well!

The other favourite item is the handmade mobile out of beach glass.  It lights up and I used it every night to provide a of gentle light, but it also twinkles, so it kept my sons attention as he drifted off to sleep!

I have adored having a lazyboy recliner in the room as well, especially with all the hours I've used it!


The other two favourite items as the treasure chest and the lobster trap, both of which I had to bring on an airplane from Winnipeg back to Toronto.


Just because a room is small doesn't mean it needs to be bare.  I wanted lots of things on the walls, and in reality the room doesn't feel ridiculously small.  It's functional, soothing, but also very interesting!


Make use of every inch of space.  Install a closet organizer, use the doors as organizational spaces as well,  lift storage units up off the floor with legs, and use a vent hood to redirect heat into the room, since floor space is precious.


Thursday 8th of September 2016

Not really sure. It was a behr all in one, from that years paint chips. It's a barely green color.


Saturday 25th of June 2016

Wat is the name of the color you used on the walls?