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Carter’s Peaceful Haven


Decorating Carter's nursery was a very exciting time for me.  I love to decorate and this project was so dear to my heart.  I wanted his nursery to be a place that could transition very easily.  I didn't want anything overly trendy or "babyish".  Yet, I wanted it to be a room that he would love as much as I do. It does have some newer trendier things but I also incorporated some refurbished and traditional items.

Design Inspiration

There were several things that inspired me but the first thing that I fell in love with was his bedding. I loved that it was trendy but classic at the same time. I also found a picture of the board and batten on pinterest and knew that it would add the touch that I really wanted.  It made the room just really come together.

Decorating Style

I would have to say that my style really varies depending on the room.  I like rooms that will be in style for years to come.  I don't like overly trendy things.  So, I guess I am more traditional with an eclectic twist.

Project Details

Monogram- Made by my sister

Table- Repurposed from guest bedroom

Favorite Items

I love the Monogram that my sister made.  I also love the dresser and bedding.  Everything just came together so perfectly. I also think my husband did a great job painting the stripes on the wall for me.


I would say allow yourself the time to find what you are really searching for and don't be afraid to experiment

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  1. avatar Christy says:

    @Carla- I can’t remember the photo size. The frames are the large ones from Ikea and we had to size the print to them.

  2. avatar Carla says:

    What size are the photos of you and your husband?

  3. avatar Lauren says:

    What size are the 2 black n white printed photos ? And what size frames are they in?!

  4. avatar Rosio says:

    How did you make the names or where did you order frim

  5. avatar Rosio says:

    And the names how did you make it or other from please

  6. avatar cbyers says:

    I just saw your question. The curtains were made for me by someone on etsy. I can’t find the contact now though.

  7. avatar cbyers says:

    Denise, I’m so sorry but I don’t remember the distance and we have since sold the house or I would measure for you. I purchased the large frames from Ikea and the smaller ones from Target.

  8. avatar cbyers says:

    @shannon- My walls were 8 feet high and the monogram is black and white. My sister made the monogram for me.

  9. avatar cbyers says:

    @Kristen I purchased the bedding from Carousel Designs. I actually am selling the bumper that if you are interested in purchasing it. Sadly, my little guy has outgrown his crib and we are are on baby #2.

  10. avatar Kristen says:

    Love it!!! Where did you get the bedding?

  11. avatar Shannon says:

    I really love the look of this room. I read that your stripes were 11 inches. How tall were your walls? Also what colors did you use for the decal?

  12. avatar Denise says:


    What was the distance you used for the bottom where the white wood is? What etsy shop did you use for the frames?

    Thanks a bunch

  13. avatar cbyers says:

    My sister made the monogram. However, you can purchase them on etsy too. I actually found the elephant at Marshall’s.

  14. avatar Darlene says:

    I am starting to decorate my nursery for my firstt child which is a boy. Love love this room. How can I get a monogram like yours and where did you get stuffed elephant. I live in Cincinnati. Thank you Darlene

  15. avatar Stephanie says:

    Hi can you tell me where curtains are from??

  16. avatar Colleen Fitzgerald says:

    What size is that monogram & do u have a person you suggest for it?

  17. avatar Melissa says:

    I love this room setup! I was wondering if the changing table storage unit is Kallax from Ikea? I really want that type of changing table/storage! Thanks ahead :)

  18. avatar Mary says:

    Wow! This is from far the most beautiful nursery I’ve ever seen ! I’m wishing to have a little baby boy, and I will most likely make his bedroom very similar to your Carter Michael’s one :)

  19. avatar erika says:

    I saw that you mentioned the stripes are 11″ apart, is that also how wide the stripe is?

  20. avatar Me says:

    Bump. Who from etsy did you get it from. We love this.

  21. avatar Kylie says:

    I absolutely love this! Can I ask what Etsy shop you got the decal from and also do you know those paint colors/store you got the paint. I want my nursery wall to look exactly like this!;). It’s so perfect!

  22. avatar Vikashni says:

    Which company did you use for the monogram name
    On the wall?

  23. avatar Stacey says:

    looks great, can you tell me who you ordered your name decal from?

  24. avatar Richi V DiLeonardo says:

    I would love to know how your sister made the monogram or where i can get one just like that just different names of course?

  25. avatar Pauline says:

    Where did you get the big stuffed elephant from?

  26. avatar Michele says:

    Are the pictures from etsy in 8×10 matted frames or 11×14 with an 8×10 matte?

  27. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Awww! Thank you soo much!! My little guy is 14 months old and this is still my favorite room in the house…

  28. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Yes, that is correct..
    Sorry for the delay.. I just saw this!!

  29. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Beautiful!! I hope you are getting some sleep!!

  30. avatar Cat says:

    This is a beautiful nursery. Expecting a boy in May and this is my inspiration for our nursery!! Thank you :)

  31. avatar Robin Long says:

    Sorry for the delay.. yes I did! We love how it turned out! We are putting the finishing touches on the nursery now, baby boy is due any day. Thanks for the paint inspiration!

  32. avatar kc says:

    Are the paint colors given below correct (Silver Lake in matte finish and Marina Gray in semi gloss, by Benjamin Moore?) Thanks!

  33. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Thank you!

  34. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Thank you so much!

  35. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Sorry, I just saw this. They were 11 inches apart

  36. avatar Christy Bass Byers says:

    Did you get the paint colors/finshes?

  37. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    Such a lovely room!

  38. avatar Janice says:

    Simple colors and elegant decor. Very relaxing space you have here.

  39. avatar Kathy says:

    I love this nursery! It is elegant and simple at the same time. I have a quick question. For the stripes how many inches apart did you do them?

  40. avatar crbyers says:

    Benjamin Moore
    Wall Color- Silver Lake in the Matte Finish
    Stripes – Marina Gray in Semi Gloss
    Thank You!

  41. avatar Robin Long says:

    Love it!! What are the paint colors/finishes you used?