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Carter’s Nursery


Modern, Colorful, Clean lines, and a jump start to a big boy room

Design Inspiration

To not make it a typical "baby boy" nursery, something a little tougher

Decorating Style

Budget and anything DIY

Project Details

Zebra Rug and Rocking chair came from Walmart.

Crib, Curtains, white bookcase and floating shelves and storage ottomans came from Target.

Baby Mobile came from - ok you can't see the mobile in the pictures but its a metal clip mobile to hang pictures or anything from. it was only $9 bucks!

Armorie we got a Yard sale and painted it to match the crib.

Favorite Items

i love the rug and the storage ottoman's.


Take your time, i started early in my pregnancy so i would have plently of time to make sure i found exactly what i was looking for. I still need to put someting on the wall behind his crib but i had to deliver early and didn't get the time yet. but if theirs something you really want that isn't at the local store have faith it will find you.

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  1. avatar jib0709 says:

    I absolutely love this nursery and the colors are going to be the inspiration for my little boys nursery…I just wanted to ask you a few questions…where did you get the little letter hooks that spell out his name? they go so well and I’ve been look everywhere and I can’t seem to find anything like that.  Also, do you remember the paint colors?  were the stripes hard to do? Sorry for so many questions but I really, really love this room and I was so afraid I wouldn’t find a boy nursery I really loved.

  2. avatar Jaimeh963 says:

    preschooldoll- i got the tiny sock monkey at Target. at my target it was by the board games.

    Lyndsayandjason- The white bumper came from and the teal crib sheet came from target and the black crib skirt is actually a twin bed skirt that i just adjusted to the crib, it was way cheaper then buying and actual crib skirt!

  3. avatar lyndsayandjason says:

    Where did you get your crib bedding?

  4. avatar lyndsayandjason says:

    Where did you get your crib bedding?

  5. avatar preschooldoll says:

    I love your room! We also decided to go with a “dark” wall color, and I always find it funny when people comment on it! What better way to make an impact. Plus, don’t you want a newborn to nap?! We accented in sock monkeys too. Where did you get the tiny sock monkey in the crib?!

  6. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I love all those stuffed toys here!  Great work putting together the various elements and colors of this room.  Very clean walls, even with the dark/darkish paint color.  That is beautifully offset by the colorful furnishing!

  7. avatar BuenaMano says:

    Hi Love this room here, but maybe the zebra rug might be a little out of place… I know you love the rug, but it just doesn’t go with the rest of the room.  Perhaps a more colorful rug would be better :)