Carnival Birthday Party

  • 1st Birthday Blue Polka Dot Cake Candle1/19
  • Personalized 1st Birthday Bib2/19
  • Ring Leader Cardboard Cut Out3/19
  • Carnival Themed 1st Birthday Party4/19
  • Carnival Themed Birthday Cake5/19
  • IKEA CIRKUSTÄLT Circus Tent6/19
  • Red, Green and Blue Star Balloons7/19
  • Carnival Themed Treat Table8/19
  • Carnival Themed Cupcake Stand with Cotton Candy9/19
  • Carnival Themed 1st Birthday Cake10/19
  • Big Carnival Eye Glasses and Grey Inflatable Carnival Elephant11/19
  • Navy Blue Chevron Number One12/19
  • Popcorn Favor Boxes and Bubble Gum Machines13/19
  • Popcorn Favor Boxes14/19
  • Cracker Jacks and Barnum's Animal Cookies15/19
  • Carnival Themed Candy Table16/19
  • Carnival Themed M&M Candy Jar17/19
  • Carnival Themed Straws18/19
  • Carnival Themed Bubble Gum Jar19/19


Carnival Themed 1st Birthday

Design Inspiration

I wanted bright colors and mix matched patterns.  So I used red and white stripes, red and white chevron, yellow chevrons,  and polka dots.

Decorating Style

A lot of DIY projects for the Party.  I liked having the number 1 everywhere.  I put them in jars of bubble gum, jars of M&M's, sticking out of candy centerpieces and some blue 1st made out of chocolate.

Project Details

Chocolate Number 1st Lollipops

DIY Balloons on a String

DIY Candy in Popcorn Bucket Centerpieces  

Personalized Bib

Colorful Birthday Shirt

Large Ring Lead Cardboard Cut Out

Big Top Character Cupcake Picks

Under The Big Top Luncheon Napkins

Favorite Items

The smash cakes my husband made.  He made a few samples  days earlier to make sure it looked the way I envisioned it to look.  He used white cake mix and food coloring to make each color.  I loved them so much I want to have them at more of our parties.

Also I loved the wind up monkey and elephants.  I found them at the dollar store just by chance.  I have them on display on my son's bookcase now.


I feel fabric is very important to this look.  Add as much colors and patterns as you can.  It needs to be bright and fun.  Don't expect to get it all at one place or party store.  It takes a few different places and a bit of shopping around but it is worth it.


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    I love the prints and colors!! I’m on Amazon but can’t really find it. Did you buy the fabric by yards? Can you give me more details.

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