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Canopy and Butterflies Toddler Room


Early this year we moved into our new home and immediately I set my eyes on my toddler room for a quick makeover. The room was originally painted tan, which made the space feel with no character and has two entry doors. We closed on, and painted the room a cute turquoise. The starting point was the colorful pillow case found on, with a pattern as butterflies. Since the room has some existing build-in cabinet, I decided to remove only the center doors to use them as an open shelving area for stuffed animals and toys. The rest of those cabinets’ doors are used as closet. We added a ceiling medallion and a ceiling fan, and some black-out shades. The room did not really have a solid wall to have the bed, so I decided to get a canopy bed and this is now the focal point.

After few days we were able to completely redo her room and turn it into something colorful, bright and cute! She is since so happy about her room and love to play there!



Tuesday 30th of May 2017

paint color is gorgeous