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Candy Land Party


Colorful, fun, and bright event that brings the childhood board game to life!

Design Inspiration

My daughter provided the idea and inspiration for this event.  She chose the theme and I wanted to keep the details true to the very adorable sections of the board game.

Project Details

Cupcake Commons and Candy Castle were from Amy Cakes, Norman Oklahoma

Gingerbread House, Ice Cream Slopes (cake pops), and cookies were from 3 Monkeys Cakes & Cookies (OKC)

Ice Palace (chocolate covered apples) by Apple Envy (OKC)

Design and Styling by Couture Celebrations OKC

Favorite Items

My favorite part was the ice cream slopes!  They were cake pops which were beautifully decorated and very easy for the children to grab and eat while they played!


The most challenging part of this table was trying to decide how to display the Lollypop Woods.  At first I thought I would stick each lollipop in vases filled with candy, but I decided it wouldn’t provide the look that I was going for.   I ended up using floral arrangement foam, peppermints, M&Ms, sour chews, foam glue and a level surface.  To do this, get one side of the foam rectangle covered in glue.  The candy coating will start to come off in the glue, which will cause the pieces to slide around.  The faster you can get your pieces on and settled onto the level surface where they will dry for next several days, the better.  Once the glue had completely dried, I flipped the side covered with candy to face the front and placed the three large lollipops into the foam on the top surface.  I then repeated the process with the glue and placing the candy around the lollipop sticks.  The smaller lollipops were arranged into a smaller piece of foam that would fit into a candy jar, and the foam was hidden and held in place by M&Ms.


Monday 20th of January 2014

Hi, this set up is most amazing. I am planning a birthday for my daughter who is turning 5. I would like to know about the table skirt. Where did you get the polka dot skirt from or was it made?


Monday 4th of March 2013

where did you get those giant gummy bears? are they actually edible?!? great job!


Monday 4th of March 2013

Hey Julie!! I got them from . And Yes! completely edible.. I thought for sure there would be several bites taken out of them at the end of the party, but they survived! There are 5 lb sized gummy bears too... I was completely shocked! haha

Jacquiline Bertny

Monday 4th of March 2013

It looks like you borrowed the rainbow factory from the sky, but this one's such an exciting explosion of colors! And those sweet treats just seem to call out to everyone and have them indulge in a sugar rush!


Sunday 3rd of March 2013

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